2007 Acura TL

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Just the regular mid cycle changes.
Lights, wheels and some interior bits…

They also added a new S version. (bottom)
With about 30 hp more from a new 3.5 Liter engine (vs 3.2 in the regular version) and maybe the ugliest wheels on a production car.
I am not sure if adding more hp in a FWD car is such a good thing. The regular version is already a great car with more power most people will ever use.
But hey, that allows them to put out new commercials. Why not…

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  1. I didn’t like the plain old red lights that were on the TL before, i knew this would be the change as soon as it first came out in 2003 or whenever. I wouldnt buy this car unless it was RWD or at least FWD based AWD.

  2. Why Trying if you have nothing to show for it? It’s a shame too, because underneath it all it’s a good car. At least they could have add on the spoiler pkg.

  3. This is Alfa’s North American replacement. At least it won’t fall apart or depreciate like any Alfa Romeo or Saab.

  4. Vince,
    I was thinking the same thing from the pics til I read your words.

    Those rims stink.

    I hope they did something for the reliability of this model. I’ve heard from several owners this car has been a nightmare for them.

  5. Boy, Acura doesn’t do mid-cycle refreshes well. As someone who likes the TL, I have to say I really dislike these modest changes. It actually looks more like the cheaper TSX now…

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