2007 BMW X5

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All new, but with almost the same lines. An old BMW trick.

Different volumes give it an all new personality somehow. It also looks more luxurious thanks to small amounts of chrome here and there. Inside and out.
And this might well be the best current BMW interior…

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  1. wow. those black plastic front and rear bumpers are absolutely hideous and looked so tacked on. besides that, bmw preserved the nice look of the current one. i actually like the taillights (unlike on the X3 and 7). the interior is nice, especially compared to that horrendous “double hump” design in the 5. but the current X5 is still handsomer.

  2. kinda disappointed about the exterior ‘cuz not too much different than the current generation. However, after all these years, X5 is still the best looking SUV in the market.

    On the other hand, the interior is very, very nice. This is what the 5 Series should have looked like in the first place.

  3. hmm…is the exterior still an illustration? some things just don’t look that right, especially near the rear doors, and rear. The interior is nicely associated with other BMWs.

  4. hmm…the exterior doesn’t look that right to me, especially in the rear and the rear doors. I like the interior, it’s nicely associated with other BMW interiors.

  5. BMW should be allocating a greater percentage of its budget on disguising its cars better during tests. The final product almost always looks like what we expected in the first place. The thrill and sheen is lost, I’m afraid.

    But this is pleasant, nonetheless. The interior is extremely tasteful.

  6. How do you even fit a third row seat in that tiny-ass thing?

    And the styling is disappointing. I knew from the spy shots that it would look like this, but it doesn’t seem like much change from the current version of X5. The interior of this new one is nice, though. Not as cheap-looking as most BMWs, though those center controls still look like crap.

  7. A barge of lust. Just look at that joystick in the middle. Very sexy. Haven´t we seen the rest before?

  8. Not bad. I think we are getting used to the Bangle æsthetic so these new models do not shock as much as they used to.

  9. Black bumper strips and side door moldings.

    Proof that a car company can be BOTH evolutionary and sensible. BRAVO!

  10. The headlights and bottom of the grill give the front an overall “harelip with downs syndrome” appearance.

    I much prefer the look of the current X5.

  11. This looks much more integrated than the X3, even the facelifted version. If I were in the market for a mid-sized luxury SUV, my choice would be between the new X5, VW Touareg and maybe the Infinit FX

    (Don’t harp on about reliability, etc. If I’m already looking at an SUV, I’ve given up on practicality, efficiency, and reliability)

  12. Weak outside, cheap looking inside. This is the new BMW theme, “A company of ideas”, not the ultimate driving machine anymore. It basically a mass market profits-first company now. Prepare for more bland cars ahead.

  13. Finally real wood trim that LOOK like real wood!

    I hated the fake looking real wood trims in all the new BMWs including 3,5,7, x3)

  14. Can I say this? Is it blasephemy?

    The interior looks very similar to my Mazda3 5 door.

    The exterior is hardly changed it seems!

    Brand recognition I guess.

  15. Not a bad evolution. I don’t find it very interesting or fresh. But I’m sure they’ll still sell to yuppies.

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