2007 Chevrolet Silverado

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Same thing with the Chevy…

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  1. The Silverado LTZ model has the Tahoe interior–not just the dash, but nicer door panels as well. Weird. The uplevel interior looks scores better than the cheaper one. If a truck is nice enough to have leather seats and satnav, it’s going to be expensive enough that it ought to have the nicer-looking dash and door panels, but that’s not the way GM rolls.

    Safety is improved from the old models but still lacking. No skid control on regular cab models, it’s optional on extended cabs and standard on crew cabs. No standard side airbags.

  2. That’s a good view from the side… i’m still searching frantically for a rear end shot… get some on here if you can find them!

  3. I’m not a truck fanatic, but I’ve been very impressed with GM’s truck line. Solid, quiet, refined vehicles they are.

    This latest improvement can only help.

  4. GM needs contemporary cars, not more gas and road-hogging trucks which are fine for commercial use, but silly for most consumers.

    These things are as interesting as office furniture.

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