2007 Citroen Picasso

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After the toy (last week) here is the real thing.

Seems nice, but not as original as the first one was when it came out.
This one could have another front end and be labeled something else.

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  1. After seeing a few of the old Picassos on the road (im in sweden right now) it doesn’t look that great. I think this is an improvement. Also its a lot smaller than it looks in pics.

  2. i think it looks really good, id rather see these than any of the weak minivan designs we have here (excluding the nissan quest, and the old 1999-2004 honda odyssey)

  3. the old model was the xsara picasso. this is the c4 picasso. i know there is another model on the way, with a closer resemblance to the xsara (less boxy and five passenger seating)

  4. The c4 replaced the Xsara when it came out.
    So I guess this one is the C4 Picasso. I don’t think there’s another one conming…

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