2007 CRV

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Soft and non aggressive. I like it.
Pick your color.

This will be a big hit. No matter what anybody thinks about it.

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  1. Now if only they would fix the back. Everything is nice and modern about the new CRV (although some people don’t like the grille) exept the aging style of the back lights.

  2. Sorry, I meant about the exterior. I’m not an expert on interiors, but it’s just a tad boring.

  3. Make the grill blend in with the front, and change the 2 rear windows and it will be a hit! And the shifter looks too minivan-ish.

  4. I’m shocked, It’s not that bad at all. I would make a few changes though. I don’t like the vertical taillights at all and also the interior needs a bit of work, namely the location of the shifter. Other then that, it’s not a bad update at all. I’m still gonna wait for the Nissan Qashqai (or whatever they end up calling it in the U.S.) though.

  5. who cares about the grille? i don’t think it’ll be as bad in person as it looks in pictures.

    i’m more concerned about the fact that the new CRV won’t be offered with a stick anymore. it’s sad to see the manual transmission heading down the road to extinction…

  6. As a 2004 Honda CR-V driver, I am very disappointed that they will no longer be offering a manual transmission. I like everything else about it, however, I will probably no longer consider one for purchase, as I am loyal to stick shifts.


  8. Haha.. these picture are taken in Vancouver, BC. (coincidentally where some of the previous spy shots came from)

  9. Love the interior. Hate the exterior.

    The styling of the CRV, RDX, and MDX is wierd. The grill is not going to catch on.

    Honda tried to break their boring styling image starting with the ’03 Accord, but I think they’ve mistaken odd for edgy.

  10. The instruments look very Golf/Jetta inside.
    I would buy one if they sell me a Japanese made version.


  11. I ain’t a big fan of SUV’s, but I can tell ya this: I’d rather drive the Caliber!
    At least they “try” to make it look completely different from the rest of the pack.

  12. To the person using ALL CAPS, and angry about Hond abuilding this thing with only automatics: Try Hyundai/Kia. I think they have their competeing SUV’s with manuals(?). If ot, I know they have the shiftronic…. you can shift the vehicle yourself(more like a motorcycle shifter, but it helps!), or put it into automatic mode. Your choice.
    Probably cost less than this, too!
    Hyundai’s Tuscon got a best in class JD award, I believe.

    And it is not offense on the eye.

  13. This is a market where almost no one is getting a manual.

    These are pretty much little by little replacing a lot of mid size sedans. And people who were buying these sedans in the US were almost only getting automatics.
    Now they’re buying compact SUVS, and they’re still getting automatics.

    It gets to a point where it’s just too coslty to offer something people aren’t actually buying…

  14. Seriously, how many people can shift faster than modern electronic controlled gearbox? How many dealers and manufacturers want to deal with stupid customers for broken engines and gearbox?

  15. When you finally get to see the front end close-up and in person, from a side angle, you realize it’s not the grille that looks weird but the VERY STRANGE WAY the bumper sticks WAY OUT below the upper portion of the front of the hood! The 2 sections do not even come close to matching up, making for one Strange Setup!

  16. sorry for leaving caps on earlier. my bad. i’m just upset because i live in minnesota where snow is heavy and i need an awd. i went to my local honda dealer and really liked the ’06 cr-v, and i asked my dealer when the new ones would be coming out. i also told him i needed a manual (better in snow and better MPG), and being a salesman, he told me they’d be out before fall and that it would have a manual. well, now im pretty much screwed (for any new cars buyers out there-don’t listen to salesmen, do what YOU think is right). and no offense to you californians…a while ago i think vince mentioned something about beverly hills moms demanding a “luxury” land rover, and i see the cr-v suffering the same fate.

  17. dude, i still want a forester turbo. it kicks any suvs out there. name one other suv with a turbo and a manual

  18. This mucked up exterior must be the result of inbreeding. The severe underbite proves it.

    And yet again with using cheap black plastic on the bottom.

  19. Looks like someone took an accord and a volvo, cut them in half and put this together!

    Yes the styling is a little awkward but Hondas always have a way of growing on you! This best thing about them are their interiors! And don’t forget the relyability and drivability! It will sell as usual.

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