2007 Honda Element

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A new SC version (the dark one) with a different front end than the other models.
The LX and EX have their own redesigned front, more in line with the Pilot.
The SC only offers different interior trim and suspension. They all still use the 2.3 Liter with 160hp.

The Element is far from sporty anyway, and this SC seems like a weird idea that answers a question no one was asking.
How about a real sunroof. Above the seats, not behind the rear ones.

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  1. I thought this was a new version of the Scion xB, at first!
    In fact, Vince, any ideas about when is that new xB supposed to be out, 2007-8?

    Eh. There are better buys out there than this Element. Some may like it, but I do not think I have seen more than 6 on the roads, in 2 years.

  2. Actually, they all use a 2.4 liter, not a 2.3, the same K24 as the current CR-V and Accord. Actually, at 2354cc, it barley qualifies as a 2.4 liter.

    It was 160hp, but was downgraded to 156hp after the SAE 8/04 changes, but is now upgraded to 166hp for the 2007 model year.

    I actually like the looks of the SC better than the regular Element. At least it finally has a 5AT instead of a 4AT. Gas mileage is still pretty crappy due to it having the aerodynamic efficiency of a brick.

  3. Doesn’t SC stand for supercharger? If Honda is for real, this is pretty dumb actually… a different front and suspension?? wowwy but I guess people do like Honda, and they seem to no matter what

  4. Its actually a 2.4l and if you pop over to elementowners.com you will find the SC is along the lines of what alot of owners are doing to thier onn trucks.

  5. The lack of B pillars is most likely the reason there’s no sunroof up front.

    I hope the Element lives on and turns into what the 2006 and previous CRV models are/were.

    With the 2007 CRV getting away from its roots, the Element could take over that spot.

  6. Subtract the cheap-looking plastic gray body panels, tack on a Ford Fusion grill and keep the same ugly box-it-came-in shape. Yawn.

  7. It makes sense that they took away any “offroad” pretensions and made it a full life-style-vehicle. I would still rather have a Scion xB, or a Honda Fit, or even continue driving my ’99 Honda Cr-V.

  8. Vince,isn’t this the 5th and Final Model year for the Element? It first came out as a 2003. Why would they bother to make mid-model changes for just one more year? Since they stopped selling it in Japan a few years back now, I would have thought they would just let the nameplate R.I.P.! I believe Honda has a completely new model in development to fit between the newly DOWNSIZED 2007 CR-V and the UPCOMING LARGER PILOT!Do you have any info on this????

  9. I think the 2.4 liter engine is the same as that used in the Accord 4 cylinder. If so, it’s a great one.

  10. I guess they’ve decided to keep it a couple of years longer.
    That might also mean they’re not going to redesign it…

    The new Stream is supposed to come over here. that would be between the CRV and the Pilot.

  11. It sure ain’t purdy, but it’s a lot more efficient hauler than most things on American roads today. That’s really the point anyway.

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