2007 Hyundai Elantra

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The exterior still looks weird to me, but the interior seems to be one of the best in this segment.

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  1. I agree, the interior is very nice; too bad the Sonata’s can’t look that good. The exterior is so/so, but not completely UGLY.

  2. the exterior does look odd in that shot – esp that crease that undulates along the whole side. the elantra looks much better (clean and still not totally boring) on the hyundai site.

    haha. ‘weird baby Azera’. so shoult it be called the Hyundai Suri?

  3. What is Hyundai thinking? The exterior is horribly designed (somehow I can’t help but think of a cross between a Taurus and an Azera). The interior leapfrogs the Sonata. Though I find the Sonata to be a fine vehicle its interior is downright homely (that dash is pitiful). The new Elantra takes it up a notch (being better integrated). Though the look is questionable, I am sure they will sell a lot of them. My only beef with Hyundai is that the cars sold in Korea are better optioned and more pleasing to look at (it is in the little details that matters). Hyundai fix the steering wheel audio controls on the Sonata and Azera – there is no excuse for how they are poorly designed.

  4. it has such a curvy exterior which i hated at first, but has grown on me. the interior is really classy.

  5. While Cadillac designers only know how to draw with rulers, Korean designers can’t even draw a straight line.

  6. Horrible. Solara meets Sebring. Two ugly cars combined to make one unholy creation. Nice interior though.

  7. If I were in th emarket for a car right now, this would be it. hyundaiusa.com(awhile back) had reported top MSRP(with leather, sunroof, mps/6cd..everything,abs) 17K(and you kknow you can usually get 500-1000 off msrp).

    Great!I like the Different design.
    Looks akin to their HCD-8.
    The interior Shames VW, which supposedly has the best interiors in each class of vehicle(they sell). LOL… this smokes the Rabbit’s interior, but so does the new Kia Optima, for 17K.

    Look , you naysayers stick to your favorite” looks like a “Me-Too” vehicles”, I’ll take something alittle different looking.

    Won’t be hard to find this in the parking lot or garage!

    Hey, why does Honda charge 20K for a loaded Civic, when it’s no where near this nice inside?
    Festival of plastics vs Hyundai’s festival of cool & classy interior.
    This smokes ’em all in the 20K an udner interiors. Corolla? lol…
    Cobalt? haha!

    Read MPG hwy will be 36 or 37(had a rental once, Elantra, current model, in March of 2001, best mpg 37, worst, 29, 33 avg mpg,, and EPA said 31MPG ..so this new modle may get 36-39 MPG, and cost 3 K less than Civic!).
    take care and not offense at my comments.
    Some like other vehicles, I like this.
    we can disagree w/o being disagreeable.

  8. The one I saw had the Beige interior/leather, and good fake wood trim.
    Looked nicer than this, but I am older than probably some of you posters. The Black interior (sporty interior?) looks decent enough.

  9. the center “stack”/vents, looks like the Chevy Aveo, 2007 sedan model. Must be a S. Korean thing these days? Almost an exact look alike, especially around the air vent area(s).

  10. Im not gonna knock the exterier at all. In fact it looks kinda decent, somewhere between a corolla and a lexus.

    You actually get the sense that they put some real design know how into it and while its nothing spectacular it should be perfect to help it stand out from the corrola.

  11. I think if the quality is there, this is very bad news for the Civic, and especially the next Corolla…

  12. Oh it’s tasty!

    The new Elantra is going to afford people the chance to pick out a small car that fits their taste. You can go with the “I escaped from a 1980s test facility” Honda Civic (inside and out), or the suave or sporty Elantra that combines the best in European design elements with Asian ergonomics and quality. Couple this with the fact that the Elantra gets only 2 miles per gallon worse than the Civic, while feeling incredibly more powerful in real-world driving thanks to the abundance of torque for such a small engine, and you can see how these will easily sell themselves at $2000 or more less than a comparably-equipped Civic’s out-the-door price.

    The Elantra is also the first Hyundai to feature an AUX port, so that’s good for college students, who buy Elantras in bulk, it would seem. There is an expensive apartment complex where I live that probably has around 500 units, and you can see what kinds of cars these people drive. Almost entirely college students, and Hyundais make up nearly as much of the parking spots as Honda… A big difference though. With Honda, it seems as though they either get a low end model, or a high-end and trick it out. With Hyundai, they generally seem to get the better-equipped models. It would seem then that people would rather drive a Hyundai with content than a Honda without…and that’s what’s going on.

  13. I only hope that by the time I can look for a new car, about 09 or so, that this design is not “tweaked” too much(to the point of not looking good).

    Happened before… wanted a Nissan SE-R(the old 90’s model, 91-94 model), but, by the time I paid off my car, and could afford to buy one(mid-95), they were all gone, and no longer in production.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    It does seem every tweak and redsesign gets better for Hyundai(well, Sonata could have looked better, IMHO).

  14. Here is the new Luxury Hyundai BH spy video. It is rear wheel drive and will have a 3.8 litre 270 HP and maybe a v8 option.

    Btw, the site above has some wicked desktop pictures.

  15. Some comments:

    1) MPG: VW Rabbit= 30MPG hwy.
    Cobalt: 34MPG New Elantra, 36MPG(have read 37 on some sites). Focus: 35MPG(?).

    Elantra wins.

    Price for content: Hyundai almost always wins. Add the warranty: No Contest.

    Civic: the model I looked at, loaded similarly to the Elantra top model, was 19,535 vs 17K rumored top msrp.
    Elantra may lose 2-3MPG, but ya get the warranty, and save(with finaicning, and taxes on that extra 2,535 difference) about 3,500-4K… that helps offset gas prices/difference in 2-3 mpg(can afford to buy gas, then, with the savings).

    3)I would wish that Hyundai drop Tibby as FWD, 20K sporty car, and turn this into a 3 door(like they did with the old Scoupe, but that was the Excel).
    Maybe in a few years, if/when the Tibby goes RWD?

    2) haev a nice day.

  16. Vince said it all, if the quality is there, Watch Out!
    I recall a time when Toyota and Honda were sort of like Hyundai is today.
    Good(Fair) prices, for a good
    They still make good cars, but fair prices?

  17. I just noticed something, Elantra does not have the shiftronic like the Sonata, and other models.

    I guess that is their way of “forcing” you to move up one class(and they make more $$$), if you must have the shiftronic.

    Hopefully, by the next few years, they make due a “mid-term” tweak, and add an extra gear to the automatic, then.
    4 Speeds are almost akin to 3 speed automatics from a decade ago(should be on their way out of the market, pretty soon, for 5-6 speed, or CVT’s)?

    They should bump up the Azera to 7 spped automatic, Sonata to 6 speed, and the Elantra to 5 speed.
    Or just go CVT, w/o the artificial shift points, like the Caliber has.

    What do ya think, Vince?
    take care/not offense.

  18. That exterior would look at home in the 90s. But this is the 2000’s already! Quite outdated, if you ask me.

    That interior, on the other hand, looks quite nice, if a bit plain. It reminds me of a refined version of the 2002-2006 Camry’s interior.

  19. Hope to heck they don’t dumb down the interior in looks and options like they did with the Sonata and Azera(this one took a hit in europe too with its aftermarket looking Navi, rather than the integrated looking one used for the homemarket) for the US market.

    Still, it will most likely be a nice car and worthy toyota alternative like the aforementioned cars.

  20. The new Elantra IS a midsize. You can look at it’s classification on any Hyundai USA website, or government auto website. Also, the OLD Elantra (code XD) was also a midsize in the US, due to it’s large cabin.

    Also, consider the fact that the Pontiac G6 is classified as a compact, and you have to realize that the Elantra is a lot bigger inside.

  21. About G6 being smaller than Elantra….. G6, only thing larger is the 112 inch wheelbase.
    I did test drive one about 18 months ago. It was the V6.
    While it was not bad, the “extras”(like Hyundai/kia usually have in their cars,like 6-8 ways seat positioning,for 1 example) were not available on the (affordable) cheaper model.
    I do no tknow if it is available on the leather seating(do they have this now?).
    adjustable seating positions, like 6 or 8 way?
    they did not when i looked.
    It just felt kind of “cheap” inside, and very sparse in what was std equiptment.

    I have not seen too many men driving them, though. Maybe this is due to Oprah’s big giveaway a few years ago?

  22. The Hyundai Elantra’s exterior look is unique and amazing. It looks even BETTER in real life. For more information, TONS OF DETAILED PICS, Hi-res wallpapers, video, and a full gallary, all rapped up in a awesome flash with trippy music, check out this falsh site!!

  23. if ya go tohttps://hyundaiexchange.com/, for example(ya gotta join, just to even read anything these days), they have some decent stuff over there. Have actaully seen and read some “insider” type of stuff, there, that has come to fruition.Anyhow, No 5 door Elantra. They are htinking of bringing over some odd thing , HD? it’s a wagon.Rumors of Kia using it as a 5 door and possibly a 3 doors sporty car have arisen, and Elantra 5 doorbeing repalced by it as a “Crossover” 5 door(rather have the Elantra 5- door, myself, vs “crossover”. Looked better).Hyundai was also rumored ot bring out a 200 HP turbo kit for the Accent 3 door…never happened.Also rumored to be putting out a Mild Hybrid(by Sept) , the Rio and in the Accent, for about mid-40 MPG, but due to the differences in currency(vs last year, when they announced it), they won’t be bringing them here(or making them, now?). They would lose money.Bet if they built one, for 17 K MSRP,and 45MPG, they could sell a lot.Hard to say what Hyundai will do at the last minute.At least you won’t pay an arm and leg like at Toyota or Honda for this compact(rumored to be certified as a midszed sedan, due to interior volume).

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