2007 Hyundai Vercacruz

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Take off the little bit of white tape. And there you go: the whole new Hyundai Veracruz SUV.
The Veracruz is car based SUV above the new Santa Fe.
If the Santa Fe is a Sonata SUV, think of this as a XG SUV.
With a 3.8 Liter V6 and lots of luxury features.

This is shaping up to be really good looking in a soft, non obnoxious way. Quite the opposite of what most SUVs try to be. It has a friendly feel to it, like a family car.
It should be a hit.

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  1. So is a soft, non obnoxious and friendly feeling SUV more socially acceptable and poilitically than a regular SUV? Is this some kind of a bizarre trend – full-size SUVs that don’t look like SUVs and little econobox-based soft roaders that do? Is that sound your balls shriveling to nothing?

  2. It’s not full size.
    Larger but nothing like the Expedition.
    It’s just for peolpe who want the space and don’t really need to prove anything.Actually a good alternative to a minivan…

  3. The only thing people would prove by purchasing a Veracruz is that they don’t need anything bigger than a midsize SUV (if they did they would buy something bigger), and they would rather have an SUV than a minivan. Beyond that the Veracruz (or buying one) really doesn’t prove anything.

  4. What kind of name is “Veracruz”? Sounds like it could be crazy Tom’s sister who you don’t want to get too close to in case he loses it and jumps on Oprah’s couch again. (However, truth be told, I was wrong in my predictions of the success of the name “Toureg”, which I thought would do about as well as “Merkur”…)

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