2007 mercedes C Class interior

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Looks fine.
But not outstanding.
For my taste, the new Lexus IS is much much better inside.

But it doesn’t matter really, Mercedes fans will never consider anything else anyway.

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  1. the shot isn’t too flattering but i prefer the design of the elantra’s interior – it’s more modern, sporty and elegant – and seems to be of a rung or two higher. this shot of the new C interior portrays a nondescript, unexceptional interior unbefitting a car that can top 40K. after the gorgeous interior of the CLS, MB’s interiors have disappointed me (new S and new C).

  2. Vince is right. It does not matter how it looks as long as there is a three pointed star somewhere on the inside.

  3. Its a Mercedes! It shoudn’t be very fussy, with avantguard details, etc. It should be conservatively styled, yet handsome and modern looking. The Chrysler 300, 2002-2005 W124 Mercedes E-class, and the 1994 Mercedes Benz 500E are what Mercedes’ should be, in my opinion.

  4. so true vince, its quite sad that mercedes buyers think they are getting the best when as disegno mentioned, even ‘inferior’ hyundai has an interior at least 2 levels above.

  5. It looks a little bit like a loose copy of the soon to be replaced Cadillac CTS’s interior. Pop-up nav in all

  6. The soon to be replaced CTS interior doesn’t have a pop-up nav screen. The new one will and overall, it looks much nicer then this. The photo is all over the net. This may just be a prototype, but so far, I’m not impressed. Mercedes can do much better then this.

  7. The soon to be replaced CTS doesn’t have a pop-up nav screen. The new one will though and will look much nicer then this. It’s been all over the net for the past few months. I agree with the overall look of the center consul. Very bulky and unattractive. Just like the current CTS.
    Mercedes can do better then this but for some reason, the interiors have started to take a nosedive in appearance as they try to cram as many buttons in as humanly possible.

  8. im confused i thought the is looked cheap on the inside, maybe because i was looking at a model without the wood trim but its interior would have been nice in a corolla, is this c class interior all that nice not even close but im sure it may look better, but that is without the wood just looks like an economy car they could have at least gave it silver finish, or aluminum, not black plastic.

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