2007 Nissan Qashqai

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I guess this is the “smaller than Murano” car based SUV we’ve been hearing about for a couple o years.
This picture from Auto Express shows what looks to me like a pretty ugly front end.

Let’s hope this could change for the US…

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  1. Model Year 2000? I’d suggest that this is what somebody in 1994 would think that M.Y. 2000 would look like.

  2. My sources say.. this is not what we are getting in the U.S. This model is bound for european soil. The U.S. bound “small cross-over” is gonna look much like the current Murano. It might be based on the “C” platform used by the new Sentra. It will compete with RAV-4 and CR-V. CVT will be standard and it will use the “new” 2.5QR 4 cylinder from the new Altima as the engine with a possible V-6 engine option. The current Murano is gonna be redesigned for 2008 along the same lines as what happened to the Altima, that is.. it will be an evolutionary change from the current model, styling wise. It will be based on the new “D” platform, with the same “new” VQ V-6 engine as the Altima and many of the same features, including push-button start and the new improved CVT.

    Of course my sources could be totally wrong…… we’ll all find out soon enough.

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