2007 Pontiac G5

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I knew they were turning the Cobalt coupe into a small Pontiac, but I had never heard of the sedan..

But here it is, among the official Pontiac line up for the US.

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  1. The sedan has been on sale for about a year in Canada under the name Pursuit. They’re changing the name to G5 now that the US model is coming to showrooms.

    The US will not get the sedan. But I’d prefer if we not get the coupe either.

  2. We all know about the Pursuit.
    This is a picture of the G5, not the Pursuit
    The US is getting the 4 door G5, similar to the Pursuit.

  3. what the heck. this is almost the biggest mistake of GM’s life. Things like this are what KILLS them. Their product planners are on ICE or something cause it’s freezing their brain up.

  4. We Saw One in person, in Richmond, Indiana, On Saturday(while turning around, to go to Toyota).

    Remember that car that Vince showed us, the Cobalt, with the misaligned parts/trunk/dash?
    This was Worse!!!!!!!!
    I kid you not.

    From a distance of maybe 30 feet, it looks better than the Cobalt, but when we got maybe 10 feet away, the whole hood was majorly misaligned.
    It looked like it had been hit, and repaired, badly repaired, that is.

    Wait until the Chinese get here… Think GM sales are bad now, especially if gas is still 3 dolalrs per gallon, and the Chinese can at least be on par of Hyundai, or Kia(and sell for alittle less?).

    Bye, Bye, Sales of Big 2.5!

    Vince, this is the best site on the net!
    When you’re ready, lemme know… I’ll buy your Pacer! lol 😉
    take care/not offense.

  5. Badge engineering lives on at GM!

    This is the kind of crap that helped ruin GM’s brands over the past 25 years and should be stopped.

    A Cobalt with Pontiac nostrils does nothing but give redundant Pontiac dealers a small car to sell. Would be better to consolidate dealers so this crap wouldn’t be necessary.

  6. I saw the Pontiac Pursuit when somebody drove one down to Florida a while ago. It looked exactly like they stuck a dividing bar into the Cobalt grill.

  7. I have seen a few driving around here in Canada with G5 Pursuit emblems on the back end….Im assuming they are 2006’s

  8. Quote=Vince Burlapp said…
    “We all know about the Pursuit.
    This is a picture of the G5, not the Pursuit
    The US is getting the 4 door G5, similar to the Pursuit. “

    Vince, are you sure about that? Everything I’ve read says that GM isn’t going to offer a G5 sedan in the US market. I know that they will be sold in Canada in both guises (not to mention in Mexico as the “G4” sedan and coupe — go figure the name change) but never heard that the US was slated to get it. Where did you get that information from? Has Pontiac or GM offered up a press release?

  9. Yea! This is just what America is looking for. Just more junk to park on their lots. Sales should start picking up with this honey.

  10. It is an official picture from GM.
    The caption with it reads:

    “2007 Pontiac G5 Sedan. X07PN_G5001CA(United States)

    Unless they labeled it wrong…

  11. Just a new grill and taillights. Hmmm. They didn’t even change the lower front air dam design. Oh well. Neither Cobalt or G5 sedan is as attractive as the coupes which, I’m surprised to say, have rakish profiles that I find attractive.

    Build quality seems to be fine on the Cobalt as does it’s solid feeling body, so maybe Pontiac loyalists will find this a desirable car without seeing the similarities.

    Quite honestly, I doubt many people other than us car nuts could care less.

  12. Back to the days of Phoenix and 6000. I am no fan of badge engineering, but it may mean Pontiac surviving versus not surviving, long-term.

  13. Yeah this car is allredy all over Canada where Pontiac always sells a Chevy like
    when Pontiac had the
    Fire Fly which was a Metro or the Tempest which was a Corsica

  14. you know, at least the sunfire and cavalier, when they first came out in 1995 – looked pretty different from one another (except for the inside). i thought the sunfire looked pretty good until it got butchered with all of those awful bumper revisions that ended with the compltpely disastrous “redesign” for 2002.

  15. It’s pretty clear that GM will never learn. Take an uncompetitive Chevy and rebadge it in an attempt to create an “upscale” one to spread across other brands. Those GM guys are brilliant I tell ya! Their new slogan should be “Two steps forward, one step back.”

  16. Vince…everything I’ve read doesn’t indicate this model — the 4 dr sedan –is due to be introduced in the US…gotta ask where you got this info man…

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