2007 Porsche Cayenne

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Was it worth it?
A “new” front end…

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  1. As much as the “new” Acura TL.

    Speaking of which, you didn’t comment whether the updates to the TL were “worth it”. Of course, it’s a Honda product, and everything they (and Toyota) do is always “worth it”.

  2. Looks like someone shoved a harmonica in its face. Or a storm drain.

    Ick. A Porche SUV was the most rediculous idea anyway. I hope it dies a painful death, and this grill is a good start.

  3. it’s…different. it has that japanese car happy face look! big, bright eyes (headlamps) and a smiling mouth (air intakes). why are european cars starting to look so japanese? (bmw, vw and now porsche!)

  4. Where did I say great stuff about the TL changes???
    I thought I made it clear it wasn’t worth it either…

    You need to read the site better, without your heavy anti Japanese car sentiments clouding your view of things.

  5. The biggest problems are weight for Cayenne and FWD for TL. They can’t be corrected until next generation; since Cayenne and TL account for sizable chunk of total sales, facelifts are there because porsche and acura don’t want their sales fall too fast. If you don’t like them from the start, move on.

  6. NO, not worth it. VW based products always suck, so this had no chance. If they wanted it to look better, the rear and the interior are what need to change, the front was the only decent thing on the SUV. This bascially proves they have no idea what they are doing.

  7. Vince, your reluctance to respond to my point here speaks volumes. In the future, try to be more even-handed and fair. That’s all I ask.

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