2007 Sebring sedan prices

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The all new Sebring will start at $18 995 for the base model with a 2.4 Liter 173hp engine.
The Limited, pictured here, will start at $23 995 with a standard V6.

It seems to me pretty pricey for a Chrysler. Most people don’t really like the design. I saw the interior 1st hand and it does feel pretty cheap to me.
So it should be cheaper than the competition but isn’t.

I would spend the extra cash ,if possible, and go for a 300 (Which is due for a new interior any day now)

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  1. Im one of those people who have never given into the temptation of dismissing eary pics of chrsyler cars. If you notice something about the front of this one, it has a very feminine look to it. Perhaps chrsyler took a cue from the caliber (which suprisringly got a strong response from women)and is trying to target it accordingly.

    Its not the muscle car we were hopeing for based on the airflite concept but then again thats why you have the closely competing 300c for.

  2. It is a Chrsyler, so it will cost about $23K. Depreaciation two years later=$10K.
    It is a piece of S#it car.
    Get something better like a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord for about $2K more, wich will run forever and retain its value.

    Chrsyler, Ford and GMC are S#it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If this were the Airflight(even if just using the same engines)concept… It might be worth nearly 19K for the design, but 19 K for this?!?!LOL! Not in my lifetime!
    This is horrid!
    When they showed the Airflight, I thought” I may finally buy, again, an “Almost” totally American car”, but this?
    I honestly hope they do poorly in sales, have to lower MSRP, AND… maybe do something they usually do not do: A qucik Face-Lift in 2 years, and make it more like the Airflight(How difficult is it for Chrysler to understand this is not a popular looking car, and the Airflight was?).
    Ugly sells for the Scion xb, but not for this!

  4. I could buy many other cars other than this tin can.
    For the nearly 24K msrp of the Limited, I could get a Prius, with package 2(?), even with some minor gouging by dealerships!

    For the 19K, I could get(on sale a Sonata LX, with manumatic, and 162HP I-4, and 34MPG.
    And get a 10/100K warranty.

    Fusion, G6,Optima,are a few others in this price range, that I would rather buy.

    At least they aren’t vying for the ugliest vehicle of 2006 award!

    Pathetic, pure and simple!

  5. The initial prices will be discounted within a few weeks. Why should anyone consider one of these over Honda, Toyota, Nissan, or Mazda?
    These DCX cars have plenty of Japanese engineering in them anyway: Mitsubishi chassis components and engines shared by Mitsu and Hyundai, too.
    Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and DCX build good cars, but not up to the Honda/Toyota standard IMO.
    It’s almost a sure thing that the Accord will be a better car for much the same price–maybe even less.

  6. Let us hope that the quality/reliability of this Sebring is much better than those of Sebrings in the past. We had two Chryslers in the 1990s, and will never buy Chrysler again. Ours were garbage (three trannies between the two cars we had, plus numerous electrical gremilins, and a Suspension problem to boot.

  7. Anonymous said…
    It is a Chrsyler, so it will cost about $23K. Depreaciation two years later=$10K.
    It is a piece of S#it car.
    Get something better like a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord for about $2K more, wich will run forever and retain its value.

    Chrsyler, Ford and GMC are S#it!!!!!!!!!!

    Gm cars aren’t far behind in resale values of toyota. Take a 05 Pontiac G6 to A 05 Toyota Camry at 30,000 miles. The G6 is only behind by about a couple hundred dollars. At 15,000 the G6 is worth more. The G6 also costs less.

  8. Think about this car for a minute…previous Sebring owners bought the last Chrysler version of sh*t. Why shouldn’t they have a newer version?

    Honda, Toyota, and Nissan have nothing to worry about…except for fleet sales. Ford and GM should be concerned.

  9. Pastorshannon,

    I think the guy meant GM, and put the C in because it used to be (a really long time ago) GM Company and they just had an extra brand or two and sold trucks directly from GM Company (instead of from another of their 1 or two brands) until they made GM Company separate from GM. I’ve only heard that, I don’t know for sure!

  10. Before I rant: I LOVE THIS SITE!
    People can (pretty much) express themselves w/o being stiffled, or banned, like other so called”open(minded)” car forums/sites.
    This blog is great.
    Tells it like it is(like the Cobalt posts… one guy I know siad’the trunk was messed with” that was why the Cobalt in the June report had Gaps! LOL.. Even with Real, factual info, some people don’t get it. They deserve other forums, so they can live in “happy land”).

    Now, this car? Someone mentioned trade in values?
    Look, I dont’ care if this Sebirng had the best trade in value of any car, at any price range, it is not worth looking at for 3-5 years, and possibly having the ugliness of it make you go blind!

    I hope Chrysler wakes up in 1-3 years, and actually improves this ugly junk!
    A little lower MSRP( shared platform with lancer, and hyundai/kia)since shared platforms usually = lower costs to build, and thus sell to the public(they could not give this thing to me).

    This thing look like it had an accident!

  11. I’d rather drive that Suzuki midsized family sedan(whatever it is called) for 19K!
    At least it has a 7/100K warranty. It looks better, too.

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