2007 Suzuki SX4

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Nothing all new. Although it is still not for sale in the US.
But I can’t wait to actually see one. It looks really good on pictures.

And the whole package seems nice.
$15 000 to $18 000, 143hp, 24 mpg city etc…

Could be a more fun alternative to a Civic or a Corolla.

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  1. To the critics:

    This car is not a Fiat. When it comes here in a few months you’ll see that it was made in Japan. Japan is spelled J-A-P-A-N and not I-T-A-L-Y where most Fiats are made.
    Secondly, the way gas prices are going these day and the desire for AWD, this car is a great choice. The only other choices in this segment, might be a Subaru Impreza or the Jeep Patriot, but it will be more expensive and not as fuel efficient at the pump.
    I see Suzuki or the Sea Bass ( what its name translates too), flying up stream and taking sales away from the Hyundai crowd and other popular makes in this segment.
    Also, wait for the new Swift to land here!!

  2. It is a fiat, regardless of where it was made, its a fiat designed car.

    Look how elegant the exterior design is. Its a very nice looking car. The interior though is exceptionally dull.

  3. Obviously you guys don’t remember what Fiat quality means. Oh and the car pictured does not have XENONs. I don’t know why you bothered calling.

  4. This car is probably best compared to the Dodge Caliber. Its in the same price range (Caliber: $13,985-$19,985) and AWD is available in both. This Suzuki “looks” to be better quality inside and out in these pictures. I think it will do well when it comes stateside.

  5. I want to like this car, but I just don’t. Let me rephrase that, I don’t dislike it. No, that’s not quite right…I, er, um, well…


    Hell, my word verification (wlooatoo) is more exciting than this car or my review.

    But I do hope the SX4 will offer some people a good alternative to a less efficient car. No more SUVs, please.

  6. The exterior, the interior.. its so obviously a Suzuki. But in the US you have Daewoo’s as Suzuki’s so you don’t know better… and the SX4 looks better then the Fiat Sedici

    I drove the SX4 (with is NOT a car to compare to the Civic or Corolla; the SX4 competes with the Yaris, Fit etc) and drove quite good. Nothing special but its an easy car to drive with enough feedback in the steeringwheel, pedals (although the clutch was a bit strange at first) and gearbox. I only couldn’t find a good way to sit behind the steeringwheel (I’m 6’4″)

    Greets Matt from The Netherlands

  7. , feel free to:Read, get Educated about this vehicle, via test drives done by “professionals”, maybe llok at the slides(show), see how it handles on snow and ice,etc, then feel free to Comment, or perhaps better yet, to add some credibility to your comments, perhaps you should Wait you test drive it yourselves, first. It ain’t even on sale here,yet, and you all “know” everything about it? LOL. Right! Yeah… whatever you guys say.What is this, UAW day on the forums? Only Honda and Toyota canmake good cars?What? What’s your problem?Got “jackin yer jaws” syndrome?Good thing Suzuki does Not make their decisions based on your (negative) comments, or they woulld not have had a Record Sales Year in 2005, and breaking that for 2006 right now!Suzuki underpinings, not Fiat’s, just like Chevy Tracker was basically a Suzuki.When Fit, Versa, Yaris become AWD, call me.

  8. To I Know Everything…..https://www.channel4.com/news/teamFROM THIS VERY LINK THAT YOU Obviously did NOT read.QUOTE:—————————Fiat will keep quiet about it but it’s Suzuki engineering that underpins both the Sedici and SX4. Which should mean good reliability, though Fiat customers are likely to pay more for it on a like-for-like basis – making the choice a no-brainer for informed buyers. That they’re both based on a stretched version of Suzuki’s Swift platform can only be a good thing, Fiat contributing to the SX4/Sedici by providing its excellent 120bhp 1.9-litre Multijet diesel engine to the range. It’ll join the Suzuki-built 1.6-litre petrol, a 1.5-litre petrol also offered in some markets (but not the UK).———————————– read… it says SUZUKI. Only thng “fiat” about it is that 120HP cheap-o engine, and it won’t be coming to the USA.WHERE’S YOUR PROOF? LINKS = PROOF.

  9. Listen, here is proof that Suzuki designed both cars with Fiat all done by a Japanese engineer and secondlyyou will see Xeon lights on this particular car.https://www.sx4.jp/-> Once the into is finished, click to the link that is second from the top and you will be able to hear about an interview from Suzuki’s engineer who was mainly responsible for both the Fiat twin and the SX4 itself.Enjoy and learn something new : )-Anyway, I will strongly consider this car because the Grand Vitara might be more costly with gas, but that seems like another great SUV as well.

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