2008 Toyota Matrix

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Maybe, maybe not…
I think this illustration looks great, but who am I, right???

The next Matrix will, of course, be based on the next Corolla.

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  1. Now! this is more like it. I am hoping more Hp, xeon lights and other cool JDM features plus AWD should be found on this car.
    Vince, when will this come out?

  2. That front end looks like a hyrbid powertrain under there. Not enough cooling passages or aerodynamics to promote cooling a larger engine.

  3. Hmmm, you think it looks great??? No offense Vince, but whatever drug you are on… I want some! That thing is freaking hideous!

  4. Theres a new Scion coming out, that will be based on an extended version of the Corolla platform. This is likely an idea of what the Japanese (Toyota) version will look like.

  5. That is a beauty! Let’s hope it’s close to the next Matrix. Funny thing; you notice how Toyota seems to be getting into really thick, vision blocking, C pillars on some of their newer designs.

  6. Isn’t that air intake is a bit too small even for 2.0L engine? But i surely believe Toyota is preparing a 6-seat-matrix

  7. first, Chrysler springs that horrible looking Sebring on us, Now Toyota wants to “one-up-manship” them in the ugly dept!?!
    Ugly like xB is otlerable, this takes it to a new level, to the level of causing eye-damage!

  8. Not for nothing, but did the same untalented hacks (or visa versa) who designed the Toyota Matrix also pen the Suzuki Swift featured below?

  9. I am a toyota supporter, but this is disgusting! This better not be the final car, but some ugly concept!

  10. I wouldn’t call that the BMW “kink.” True, it’s copied all over the place, but these types of D-pillars are vertical and uniformly taper from bottom to top.

    I remember seeing it on French hatchbacks a few years ago on the Brit show Top Gear. It made its way from Renault to Nissan on the Murano and is now most prominent on the RAV4. The Swift has the same look.

    It’s polarizing, for sure. I like it on some cars and absolutly hate it on others.

  11. I’m surprised nobody likes it, I guess people don’t know much about design, but in a few years you people will like it. For now, you can continue liking poorly designed vehicles like the Cayenne.

  12. The front end is the worst part. Everything else looks fine (with the exception of the redilculously thick A-pillar).

    Needs more work, Toyota.

  13. That is quite a polarizing design — IMO exactly what Toyota needs to distinguish the Matrix from the new RAV4 that stole its looks and the Corolla it’s based on. Add a third row (a la Mazda5) and hybrid option and there may still be a case for Matrix to survive alongside the impending Corolla hatchback.

  14. “Add a third row (a la Mazda5) and hybrid option and there may still be a case for Matrix to survive alongside the impending Corolla hatchback.”

    That would make it a Prius-van. LOL.

  15. I like the style of BMWs and the cars that copy them. But the Hofmeister kink looks like crap on this thing and too many other vehicles like the RAV4 and Jeep Compass.Enough, already with the dumb, C pillar that cuts visibility and looks ridiculous on too many vehicles these days.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofmeister_kink

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