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More pictures of the new one.
The grille has grown on me. (especially on a light color car) The rest of the body is pretty blah… More so than the RX, even if it looks sportier somehow…

But I love the interior.
A sure hit for Acura anyway…

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  1. why the hell do they need to use taillights from an audi a4? if acura is into these new, striking designs, why copy those conservatively-styled germans?

  2. It will sell well, but I can’t hide my disappointment either. The grille seems to be the only new idea for the MDX. Others are almost text book for car redesign: bigger engine, bigger body, new suspension for more grip, and a new interior with more woods. Where are break throughs we saw on the New Euro Civic and the last generation Odyssey?

  3. i think i like the previous generations mdx better – chunkiness and all. it was more cohesive and polished.

    those flared arches are lumpy and the headlights oddly shaped. and i don’t like the bright mesh of the grille. i’m disappointed 🙁

    not bad but just noticed: the taillights are so audi a4!

  4. Well I have to disagree with you guys. I think it looks great, grille and all. The styling looks sporty and the proportions are great. The interior looks excellent as well. I like it alot more than the current version.

  5. Who ever said this thing looks like the CR-V is out of his mind.
    There is nothing to compare what so ever except your bias mind tells you it’s made by Honda.

    And to the next guy, you should hide your kids from that grille, because it’s history in the making. I guarantee you this thing is going to fly out of the dealers’ lot like hot cakes. And mark my word, that grille will grow on most people who hates it at first. That’s what Honda does best.

  6. “Anonymous said…
    Jousting anyone?”

    Yeah, no kidding, with that Camelot shield for a grill. Maybe the lumpable wheel arches are really shoulder armor for the “horses” underneath, LOL.

    And it has an even more obtrusive use of cheap grey/black plastic on the bottom of the front and rear than the Quashqai pics earlier. Damn that looks cheap.

  7. Well at least they finally put led tailights on this thing. I am disappointed at the design. Acura needs to look to Infiniti for design cues. If it could look as good as the already aging FX it would be great! They already have the best interiors out there, but need to polish up on the exterior design. Like always, it will grow on you because it will sell. After all it is a Honda!

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