Audi R8 Roadster

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Planned for 2008. After the coupe comes out.
And just like the coupe, it will be based on the Lamborghini Gallardo and compete with the Porsche 911.

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  1. Is this for sure? Wicked. Love the styling of both coupe and convertible, though I’m not sure how it’ll effect Lambo.

  2. Even if Audi has to cut those headlights out of the budget, please let them keep the shape of them and every other part of this car.

    Stunningly good-looking!

  3. Its not a great looking car. I was hoping that the R8 would look like either the Rosenmeyer or the Nuvolari concepts. Both of those were pure Audi. This is a fussy design.

  4. i disagree completely. what is “pure audi”, really? evidently the new shield grille signifies a paradigm shift in audi’s design, and audi is still trying to establish it’s unique design language today.

    the Rosenmeyer is a wild, for-show-only concept, and the Nuvolari previews future Audi designs and the upcoming A6 based coupe. the R8 may be a sign of things to come.

  5. This is basically the production version of the Le Mans concept from a couple of years ago. As “pure Audi” as anything else…

  6. Pure Audi to me means two things:

    *Simple, slab sided designs, without cluttered shapes. EX: B5 Audi A4
    * Innovative packaging, and enginnering. EX: W12 engine, 5-valve per cylinder engines, Quattro.

    The R8 is neither. It has gills, vents, slahes and creases everywhere. Whats with that smart car “tridion saftey cell” like stripe behind the cabin? The weirdly shaped headlights?

    If they really tried, they would have made something really special, like a mid-engine, 4-place coupe with Mazda RX-8 quad doors, and a W10 engine. Instead, we get more or less a Lamborghini Gallardo rebadged.

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