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That’s a weird one.

Chery is pretty interesting because they should be the 1st Chinese cars to hit the US market within a couple of years.
This so called M11 model looks strange. At least the picture.
It looks like a 4 door. (Wheelbase, greenhouse and proportions) But I can only account for 2 doors. No line on the body for a rear door.
It might actually be a Photoshoped picture of a sedan. It would look pretty nice otherwise. At least as modern as what we get over here from the Japanese brands…

What do you think???

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  1. Let the call go out now!

    DO NOT BUY A CHINESE BUILT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You think that the Wal-Mart/Chinese connection is bad for the US. Imagine a flood of cars made in China swamping our shores. Lower priced then Hyundais… they’ll cause havoc for US & Japanese & Korean makers.

    I’m sorry, but f_ck China. There are 300 million middle class Chinese. Let them build a car for themselves and KEEP IT OVER THERE!!!

    Until China has truly free markets we shouldn’t be doing any business at all with them.

  2. Is it just me or does the front end look like a Passat ? The shape of the headlights is the same and if you were to put chrome all the way around the grill it would look like the new VW’s grill !

  3. @8:23am(23rd) Anonymous said(part of quote)”Until China has truly free markets we shouldn’t be doing any business at all with them.”
    Too Late. In case ya haven’t heard, lot of automakers(Big3, Japan, Koreans,etc) are over there,and there are stories circulating that Honda may be “forced”(right, “forced”)to sell their Chinese made Fit’s in USA, to meet the demand. In fact, GM-DAT, SAIC has 1.5% stake in that company.
    Chinese partner of GM. Aveo is one of the cars sold here. Equinox V6 is Chinese made.

    Lot of Chinese parts in USA now, too. Ya ever hear of “googling” something, Doing Research before ya make comments, to make sure that you know what you are talking about?
    Get a Grip.
    DWI= Deal With it.
    I don’t care if it is made on Pluto,as long as the thing is good, and not overpriced.

    Sorry to sound so harsh, but, hey, my pay check does not go up as fas as gas prices, food prices, etc…gotta save somewhere.

    Now, as for this vehicle. Looks like a Corolla 4 door body style, with the PT Cruiser headlights.
    It is too much “Me-too” styling. No, it’s not Sebring or Aztek ugly, but it is “eh”, almost boring.

    They need to Not imitate others.

    This might be ok, but it does not scream out”look at me, I am different”.
    People might see it, and go to Toyota to buy one, lol.

  4. Vince, thanks for posting these kinds of tid bits. Man, sites like autoblog, etc, tend to either post(for what,3 days now, after the show’s over?) about Detroit Cruise this past weekend(which they seemed ot voer 3 days before, 3 days during, & 3 days after)too much of one thing, or nothing about cars that will affect us in the near future.
    They also tend to stick with 500 HP cars, or “freak show” stuff, like the Cruise cars.
    Same for jalopnik…. Ugggh. That site has been dull for months now.
    It’s like they forgot how to write and be interesting.
    Gimme Hollyood Extra Blog news on cars. At least you have a mix, and most of the stuff is what us “normal, ordinary” mortals can buy, afford, etc, and will see shortly, in delaerships.

    Vince rocks! Phil ain’t a bad such guy,, either!

    Anyhow…. this ain’t gonna be “Wal-Mart”…. I read last year, various news sites, that (Chery)their base , entry level cars might be 8,999, or 1 K less than an Aveo, or maybe 1,500 less than an Accent. For that little of a difference in price, most would consider HyunKia or Chevy first.
    If the difference were say 3,500, then ya might be talkin’.
    They gotta meet air pollution regs, crash test(at least try) to do good, etc….
    so, that adds more to the MSRP.
    Now, if this car looked like say, Oh, I dunno, a tC, for 13K loaded like a 17,199 tC, I might consider one. But if there’s only 1,500-2,500 difference…that ain’t enough, just yet, to “win me over”.

  5. um, i think there are four doors on this car but the handles are hidden in the black plastic area underneath the window, like those on an old pontiac gran prix or chevy berretta.

  6. Walmart/Chinese connection??? Boy, you are a lost soul. How about every American corporation/Chinese corp connection. Our economy and China’s are tied, dope. Bad for them=bad for us. Who do you think is funding our war with iraq?

  7. I dunno why people are going such length to emphasize China’s political situation and unfair trade practices to stop people from buying Chinese cars. In good environmental senses, Chinese cars are hybrids(parts that are taking shamelessly from other manufacturers) and self-decompose (you probably have to pick up pieces and bits during stop lights). In truth: all Chinese cars are trash.

  8. I hate saying this, but it’s probably a photoshop pic? It has all the lines of a 4 door, but no cut lines.

    Definitely a knock-off of the Passat.

  9. I actually just noticed a small cut line right above the rear wheel.In the arch.
    The light might be hidding the rest of it. And the handle would be incorporated into the rear window design. Like someone already suggested earlier…

    So it would be a 4 door after all.

  10. In fact the Chinese are just showing off their ability to make bodies with 0.5mm panel gaps! Invisible cutlines!

    Ha – no, I think its Photoshop for sure.

  11. I always laugh when I go to Canada because there consumers really seem to buy more American cars than-well, Americans. And not just because there are quite a few plants there; they just don’t have quite the exposure to other brands the U.S. does. Let the Chinese come and if it hurts the Big Three they can focus on their loyal buyers up a bit more North.

  12. Its still an attractive design. All these comments about Chinese cars have a precedent with those of Japanese and Korean cars. American makers have done a good job of trashing themselves without the help of their competition

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