Chevrolet Prisma

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For Brazil only…
Based on the recently revised small Chevrolet Celta (red car at the bottom).
Which itself looks like it is based on the old Opel Corsa.

I bet this is one of these cases where the sketch looks much better than the actual car…

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  1. A very nice looking car in the sketch. The Cobalt should look that good.

    But, instead, GM treats American buyers like red-headed step-children.

  2. It does not just look like, it is based on the 1993 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa MK. II. SO jaut a boot added to a 13 y. old design (actually will be 14 by then)…
    Is that all GM can do in the competitive small cars market outside Europe?

    Poor, i think – even the name is not new – there used to be a Lancia Prisma in the 80s in Europe, also a added boot to the mighty Delta…

  3. Mick is correct: Celta is basically Corsa B. However, remember that Celta is the entry-level Chevy, and is sold ultra-cheap, like the Citi over at VW South Africa. Chevrolet do Brasil does have the Novo Corsa, which is based off the Corsa C, and it will soon get Corsa D derivatives.

  4. I don’t think we will get the new Corsa (I live in Uruguay, on the River Plate), it’s more likely that the new Daewoo Gentra / Chevrolet Aveo will substitute the Corsa II (C).

  5. Most sketches do look better than the actual car.

    Most, yes, but the Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice are sweet sketches made real.

    Why not the same for every GM product?

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