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Same thing goes for the interior. While we’ll get a toned down “mini Camry” look inside, Europe gets a true 21st Century design.

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  1. Those are the same seats as the Scion tC has. Also, the gauges are lit in the same color as the tC’s…interesting…especially considering how in the spy shots on some Japanese magazine a while back and on this site the supposed Euro-Corolla had Scion badges on it, and the tC’s same alloy wheels on one spy magazine cover…hmhmhm

    Remember how the plans they’ve said all along was to come out with a Matrix replacement that was more of a Scion linker?? Perhaps this is it. It’s what I thought would make the most sense all along.

  2. I like the 21st C. design too.
    Why do the Japanese sometimes make things too confusing?
    It is hard enough to figure out if a Japanese car is still a true Japanese car if made else where and now making cars for specific markets can make you envious too.
    Why can’t they be simple and just sell everybody cars made in Japan and sell it to everyone else?

  3. That really looks good. I think I would buy it if I was in the market. This design will age better than the Civic or Mazda3.

  4. Shifter is in the “Honda Element” position(not a good thing).
    Why do I want the shifter (practically) on the dash?
    tC seats? not my 2005 tC. Mine does not have the Super-Sized Side Bolsters like this photo. The tC interior/dash/layout is better.

    I am glad that we are not getting this interior.

  5. The view from the first picture is awsome but the view from the second picture is not very original. The orange doesn’t work for me as well…

    I prefer the dash of the us version although I would like something a little more sporty looking.

  6. I’m not surprised that the US will get the cheaper interior. If this Corolla showed up on our shores, it would probably be pricey compared to the other compact vehicles in it’s class. Higher quality materials = higher prices. Contrary to the belief of a few people in the auto media, Americans are not ready to shell over a lot of money for compact vehicles. Eventually, they will. But not now and not with this. Maybe when gas prices reach $7 to $8 a gallon, but that won’t be for a while.

  7. How do you explain the ‘affordable’ Mazda3 in the US. With the exact same high quality interior than in Europe.
    And the VW Rabbit/Golf.
    The new Nissan Versa will also be sold in Europe with the same interior.
    Even GM will import the Opel Astra as a Saturn. With the same interior.

    When they really want to sell us the good stuff, they can. And it’s not more expensive.
    They just want us to think so.

    Don’t buy into it…

  8. Vince: you are wrong about the interior in here(NA). If you live in Japan, you will suprise by how many interior features and quality we had missed in Nissan Versa. VW had taken steps to replace a lot of good quality materials and components with Brazilian chocolate boxes for our “Rabbit’s” interiors. Manufacturers around the world had figure out that if they squeeze in a bigger engine, they can get away with cheaper interiors and lesser toys.

  9. Position of the gear lever and hand brake reminds me of a rally car, based on that I think it’s a good thing.

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