Euro Honda CRV

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This is the CRV that will be produced for the European market.
Ours might actually get a different grille. (Just rumors)
To my taste, the dash looks too much like the Element. The only Honda with a really cheap feeling interior.

We might also get a diesel later…

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  1. Wow, the architecture of that dash is sinfuly boring. Fingers crossed that the quality and fit&finish of the interior will be better than what’s depicted in the photos.

    After the space age Civic, the groovy Euro Odyssey and Elysion, this dash is a huge disappointment. It’s such a deliberate attempt to keep the dash “rugged” and “SUV-ish” by giving it more right angles.

  2. It looks fine, but not amazing, they didn’t push it as much as they did with the civic. I think its definitely good enough to compete though.


    Honda will definately take over Toyota’s Sales. The RAV4 will definately be discontinued soon, it is not selling well against the old CRV.

  4. “…its definitely good enough…”

    Imagine, Honda making something that’s merely “good enough”. But the new CR-V doesn’t disappoint entirely, because it’s certainly boring enough.

  5. lol, sure the element is….lets try the mdx (magazines have been saying it), the s2000, the pilot, cetainly not just the element…

  6. The first bump on that rear bumper will render the tailgate usless or at the very least cause a very expensive repair.

    Gotta do better than this, Honda.

  7. I’ve driven sedans all my life and I find it hard to see myself in an SUV. I would not buy a truck based SUV “Roll-buggy”. The CRV would be the first I would consider.

  8. the 2001 civic is just plain crap… i own one and i’m very disappointed by it and i’m a huge honda fan.

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