Fiat Bravo/Stilo

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Whatever they end up calling it, it looks great.
But usually, Fiat interiors still look pretty cheap. Maybe they’re getting better with this one.

Not for us…

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  1. You got this from A BOOK?
    I hope it was recently published!

    It’s no like I can critisize you or anything. Your blog is much better than my blog!

  2. Just another reminder that Europe has the best 4 cylinders & small cars (AU is not far behind) while the good ole USA sucks $3/gallon gas through F-150’s and we bitch about high gas prices….

  3. Uh oh Vince you are being critiqued by a 6 year old who cant drive and never will see a fiat in person ! ( uni- dude ) also his blog put me to sleep !

  4. The front is better. From this angle, it looks generic. And we are still in the dark about what platform this car will ride on.

  5. Everyone knows that FIAT cars are the best all over the world. This one will will certainly overpass the others in term of performance, price and design

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