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It seems that the Chrysler Firepower concept might actually become a production model after all.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the car. Even if it does looks like an Aston Martin from the back.

But really, does Chrysler need another expensive 2 seater car?
If they can’t sell the $35 000 Crossfire, what makes them think people would spend over $50 000 in this?

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  1. Chrysler couldn’t sell the Xfire for a few reasons…low power, SLK copy, looks too far off the concept, etc. I think the Firepower will sell, except I think it should be pitched against the XLR. Chevy has successfully attacked the Viper with the Z06; making the Firepower a Chrysler ‘Viper’ and luxurious wil l make a sweet American luxury super car that will fare extremely well against the Euro crowd. I think the xfire should come back and be set against the M3/CLK AMG crowd.

  2. Firepower and Crossfire can not be compared. Crossfire is an uglified SLK, while the Firepower is a beautified Viper.

  3. Saw this car at the Toronto Auto show, $50 000 for 425 HP and it looks awesome ! The interior is amazing !! After you see this car in real life, $50 000 dollars seems like a good deal !!

  4. i don’t know that any current chrysler group product planners are interested in what people want to buy, but rather, what they can use to fill up the plants. lasorda’s mantra seems to be the plants will run full out whether or not the products they produce will appeal to people or not. thus, the rational for the firepower is to keep the viper assembly line moving. time will tell i guess…

  5. the crossfire looks like ass.

    the firepower is sex on wheels.

    one of them is saleable, on of them is the equivalent of manure. you figure out which one is which.

  6. Vince, the answer to your question is simple; The same reason that a lot of people are buying their Bentley wannabe. And people will buy this, because it’s an Aston Martin wannabe.
    Don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic piece of hardware underneath, but the skin is just a bootleg Aston Martin.

  7. the problem with the sales of chryslers “niche” 2 seaters are the products, if they were better im sure they would sell. take the prowler, lackluster power, poor ride, now that chrysler has better engines, and platforms, the prowler is no more, the crossfire was an almost 10 year old car wrapped in new clothes, cheaper interior, and low on power compared with competitors, again the problem lied in the product they never get these cars right….make decent effort and im sure chrysler could sell sports cars.

  8. Hey, if they have money in the bank from all the 300/Magnum/Charger sales…I say build it!

    If you’re gonna knock off someone else’s design…you couldn’t pick anyone better than Aston Martin!

  9. That severe point on the door edge next to the rear wheel opening is scary. It would hit most men right you-know-where.

  10. why you always bashing DCX?..
    the cross fire was foisted off on chrysler to take up the slack in benzs’ excess capacity, you think they wanted that obsloete design?..
    funny anything from the japanese and chinese or any SUV period, you positivley gush over but american products you deride.. some times i think i’m reading consumer reports.
    I wonder…

  11. Vinde:
    the Crossfire was foisted off on Chrysler to tap the excess production capacity at Karmen who made the two models.

    the Firepower is a stable mate for the Dodge Viper, and would actually help move Cysler up-market as is DCXs’ intent.
    I dont get it, you gush positive about every SUV and asian made knock off, needed or not, but here’s a killer sports car and you deride it.
    Ya’ know,.. sometimes i think i’m reading consumer reports for cryin out loud…

  12. So every faux SUV from every asian “clone” automaker is ok..
    but you don’t get DCXs attempt to take Chrysler up-market.
    FYI: The Crossfire was foisted off on Chrsyler to take up the slack in Mercedes’ partner Karmens’ excess production capacity, killing two birds with one stone as it were…
    this would be a Viper stablemate using the new modular Viper frame
    and and Hemi powered as opposed to the dodges’ V-10.

    Vince, sometimes i think ‘m reading consumer reports.

  13. If you think I’m bashing Chrysler, please read the site again. And again.
    Especially my review of the 300 from a while ago. (in archives).

    I just think (and I’m not the only one) that no matter how great the car is, Chrysler just doesn’t have the image and reputation to sell a car that expensive.

    I don’t think this is bashing Chrysler. Just bashing a stupid idea.

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