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Unlike the Holden Commodore, this one isn’t really all new. Just a new face and interior and some tweaks.
And I don’t think it’s a great looking car.

But check out the new interior design and compare it with the Ford 500 offered in the US.
Need I say more?

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  1. Looks Asian-ish up front.
    I do not think it’s that bad. Beats that hideous Sebring redesign, by miles!

    Now, if only they would sell the 500 for 20K, and offer 5/100K tranny, and 5/60 everything else.

    before the fusion came out, you could get one for 21-22K(before arguing)…but they raised the price 1000 dollars(practically) over night, when the Fusion debuted.

  2. I reckon the Falcon & Commodoore are way better than anything the American Ford and GM divisions can make.

    I prefered the pre facelift version though.

  3. Vince here is PROOF POSITIVE why Ford Motor Company of America is in big trouble! The Interior of the Falcon Leaves all the American Ford Interiors in the dust!!!! The Exterior is Better than a lot of American Fords too like the Aging Focus and Crown Vic!!!! Fords’ philosophy for America is still the same,’Americans Count Last!’ But people in America are starting to see thre light!!!!

  4. I actually much prefer the Five Hundred’s interior. The Five Hundred’s interior is somewhat reminescent of the new Volvo S80 inside, which is odd considering that the Volvo came out afterward… I definitely like the FH’s interior better tho..

    What is better in this interior, in your estimation? It has some aluminum bits, and it’s black…other than that nothing is really groundbreaking. The steering wheel is way old seeming, as well.

  5. Is it just me or is Ford still using the 80’s Scorpio/ Granada Platform for this car? The greenhouse and passanger areas look identical to those of the European Sedan version (it was sold in the US as the Mekur Scorpio, only in hatchback configuration).

    The 427 concept should be put into production based on this platform for the US market and replace the aging Crown Victoria.

  6. Ford would do well to bring the tooling for those cars to America an produce them here (in Mexico if it can be cheaper). Next time they regineer any car it should have the basic underpinnings for right and left hand drive ready to go so importing or productin over here would be easier.

    Want to see the root of when Ford started to f-up here in the USA. Google the Ford Puma and compare it to the Escort ZX2 we got stuck with…. SHAME!

  7. Agreed Vince, BUT, how much room did a ZX2 have anyway? I think the Puma would have been a huge success here. Funny, but the Puma is a North American animal………

  8. True Vince, but the ZX2 isn’t known for its size anyway. So the Puma wouldn’t be all the worse.

    Funny, but the Puma is a North American cat, and they use the name in Europe… Odd.

  9. To Robert above, Ford has never used a Scorpio platform for the Falcon.
       The facelift doesn’t gel with the rest of the car. For those who thought the design boring, there’s a good reason: Ford burned its fingers when it went New Edge with this model in the late 1990s.
       Word has it that the replacement for EA169 will be tooled up for left-hand drive, copying the success of the 1997 Holden Commodore. Ford follows yet again.
       Let’s hope they do the clever thing and work out that there really is an intranet connection inside Ford that links Broadmeadows with Dearborn, and build these E-platform cars for North America, too.

  10. This is a bad model in the falcon range. Please vince, eductate the americans on the XR6 Turbo, XR8 and aussie Ford GT and their ute brothers.

    this model is poorly misrepresenting our country, as this particular model shows that this series of falcon has been around since 1998.

    My fav is the XR6 Turbo. They are so much detuned by the factory that with a 250 dollar chip you can extract 300kw (402hp)

  11. Oh good lord people, this car is bland. Except for the nice center console, the interior isn’t a fresh design at all. It’s nice, but nice in a ten year old design kinda way.

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