Hyundai Veracruz interior

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  1. looks like it could be the final nail in the coffin for tahoe, expidition, et al. the powertrains will decide its fate.

  2. It looks like the “wood” trim goes under the control panel and that the panel is stuck on. Hopefully this is still a work in progess

  3. I thought I was looking at a Honda for a moment. Then I realized that I was looking at a knockoff Honda instead. Kudos for Honda for designing a nice interior. Hyundai sucks because they are nothing but thieves.

  4. The interior looks pretty nice, unlike the Azera and Sonata it doesn’t have that glaring hole(ugly stereo and hvac controls) in the middle of it that only a Navi system could fix. Lets hope hyundai finaly gets the gall to offer Navi since they are creeping to $30K msrp anyhoo.

    “Hyundai sucks because they are nothing but thieves.” and you suck because your nothing but a douchebag.

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