Jaguar to Nasser???

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Former Ford boss Jacques (and partners) might end up buying Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford?!

What is going on??? Isn’t he the guy who almost ran Ford to the ground in the first place?
Ford is still recovering from Nasser’s decision to cut down on engineering and quality control a few years ago.

I can’t believe no one wants to get Jaguar. A legendary brand that actually puts out very nice and reliable cars right now.
They just need to be redesigned sooner than later, that’s all.
Ford waits forever to spend money into new design, and then complains no one is buying…

Another tale of morons running the show…

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  1. im still trying to figure out how do you ruin a bran like a jaguar which “had” so much prestige, good interiors, quality problems that could easily be solved, and already good desighns. but ford did it fords buy out helped jaguar with quality issues but killed the brand in every other aspect by making them ultra conservative, and not being able to compete on technology, updates, and power. the mercedes cls which is doing so well was originally created because mercedes feared what jaguar expanding and growing would do, now cls is doing good and jaguar is no where being a real threat to mercedes or any other brand

  2. You know what? Nasser probably would have saved Ford… That massive product expansion he wanted to fund (including Lincoln getting its own platforms) that, along with his ego and diversification plans, got him thrown out would have prevented Ford from being in the pickle it’s in right now.

    Ford decided to go with its Trucks are Job 1 approach instead and today, instead of having a product pipeline stocked with options from low to high end, they’ve got a ton of pickups and SUV’s they can’t sell.

    I remember when they fired Nasser, a Ford exec was anonymously quoted as saying something like, “His plans were far too grandiose and expensive.” I remember thinking, “It’ll be far more expensive down the road not to do these things…”

    While I’m a pro-American as anyone, as a former Ford SVT Contour owner (Ford never gave me a replacement to buy), I say:

    Ford gets everything it deserves now. These wounds are ALL self inflicted.

  3. I think people are quick to blame Ford for killing Jaguar, but you have to remember, by 1990, Jaguar was dead. It had outdated XJS and XJ that nobody wanted to buy. I still remember the phrase, “You don’t know what pains are until you’ve driven a Jaguar”

    By 1990, only the old classic Jaguars were worth anything. But Ford poured in $$$ and developed the stunning XK, which rejuvenated the brand.

    The mistake they made was in their slowness in developing new XJ, which dated back to 1986, probably because they were too busy developing S-type(with its un-jaguar interior styling, which was later revised). All that resources should’ve went to the new XJ, which didn’t see its light of day until 2002.

    The problem is they’re trying to make Jaguar to be Mercedes with its wide range of platform. But Jaguar never had that kind of cachet to begin with. It just doesn’t fit the cost structure of Ford. I’d say sell it to Jacques, and he’ll do far better job.

  4. Jaguar quality ranks pretty well on the chart now. This was certinaly not the case 10 years ago when its offerings in the late 80s were rediculously undependable.

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