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That’s the official name of the new Golf fighter from Kia.
The car seems pretty nice but the name has to be the worse ever.

Here is the official corporate BS trying to explain it:
““The ‘CE symbolizes that this model is made in the European Community and the ED indicates this car is a European Design created especially with European consumers in mind. “cee’’d”represents the ‘seed for abundant growth in Kia sales that the new model will undoubtedly ensure. Finally, we wanted to introduce a fresh name in line with Kia’s brand attributes — quality, trustworthy and dynamic.


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  1. Nice design..

    As far as the Name goes, i agree it’s kinda weird, but I gave Kia credit for thinking outside the box. Who know, it may start a trend. What’s next? Kia Punk’d

  2. i love the rabbit as a car, but for $14,990 (not including destination charge and stuff), no matter what the price of this kia is, i don’t think i would be convinced.

  3. Vince is right anon, Cars don’t have sex, but, people do have sex. So maybe a Mazda designer and a Nissan designed got together, and their child designed this.

  4. No, not conVINCEd… Looks like some drunk Koreans had a stupid idea for a car name, and afterwards they tried to give the name a meaning. “CE-ED” for “communauté européenne, european design”? How goofy! So why did the put the apostrophe between E and D?

  5. Vince Burlapp said… “Cars don’t have sex.”….
    Me neither 🙁 …..
    “The ‘CE’ symbolizes that this model is made in the European Community and the ‘ED’ indicates this car is a European Design”….
    ….Shouldn’t it ne CE’ED then??

  6. I agree with the first comment, my Mazda3 must have had a one night stand with an Altima.

    Whatever the case…love it. Why can’t America do something like this!?!?

    I don’t know if I’m more peeved that my Mazda3 cheated on me, or that America is still clueless.

  7. The dashboard design reminds me of a watered-down Lexus dash from a few years ago.

    I think Kia did well except for the stupid name.

  8. Dude, about that VW Rabbit, you get a body, and engine and tranny for that 14,990.
    I checked the first one out on July 1( A saturday, FYI), 2 days after the locla dealerhsip got one. Price? MSRP 19, 535!
    This was the shiftronic/automatic thing, had everything but a sunroof, but, it is shorter than a Yaris Sedan, Accent sedan.
    For 18, 195, I could get a 160HP, 2.5 L I-4, loaded(everything but leather and nav system, BUT I know how to read a map beofre I take off to go somewhere, so an unecessary expense for me) 2006.5 Optima(0-60 in 8.9 seconds, the VW in 9.2 seconds).
    I am talking money here:
    I don;t go to store A and buy a steak if Store B gives me more for my money. If store A has steak 8 dollars a pound, and store b selling 1 lb steak fro 6.50…. and both places are good stores, I go to B!
    Optima =34MPG, 161HP.
    VW=150 HP I-5, 30 MPG.
    VW = 1,400+ more, before the extra taxes you pay on this, and the finances= over 2K+ saved on this purchase alone, you get a bigger car in the Kia, AND, 4 MPG more per gallon!
    Isnt’ the idea behind a subcompact car(in general) More MPG than a compact or midsized sedan?
    Even the Sonata’s V6, 234HP, gets 30 MPG, and can be had for the Subcompact VW Rabbit’s price, not to mention the better warranty, and more numerous dealerships.

    Claiming VW rabbit sells(loaded?) for 15K is like saying you can get cruise adn a sunroof on a Civic for 17K….(try nearly 20K).
    Try Again.
    As for Mr UAW…. your act has been found out….go to detroit news and cry with your UAW brethren about how unfair it is these guys sell cars that GM and Ford should be producing.

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