Lexus IS 500

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We’ve talked about this before.
I am not sure if this is real or not.. Looks real to me…

A new 5.0 V8 with 420hp!!!

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  1. I am sick of all the bullshit about toyota / lexus quality. Fact….2 weeks ago…this is true…. the Japanese government, in a rare public display, scolded the toyota motor corp. for poor recall practices. The president of Toyota and a Toyoda family representative, bowed in public and apologized for poor quality. Toyota has also been investigated for hiding recalls in the past, no wonder the record “looked” great. when this happens, don’t defend toyota, they are no better, in fact they are worse than any other company because of their blatant , proven dishonesty!

  2. Uhhh… what does this have to do with Toyota/Lexus quality? Am I missing something? a T/L post hasn’t been made in days. Back on topic, I think 420HP is near-godly, even in a Lexus with “poor quality.”

  3. makes you wonder what the Japanese gov would do to Ford & GM if they could


    If you can mix business with honestly/moral, then Ford & GM probably wins hands down – cause they’re just honestly suck!

  4. Cool…the Mercedes C55 drivers now have a worthy contender to race against.

    in terms of quality, lexus does a better job compared to benz & bmw.

  5. The spyshots had the dual-pipes stacked ontop of each other. I’d rather see some loose-your-arm sized double pipes than quad pipes. The 4 rear exhaust pipes are kinda overplayed at this point, the Cadillac DTS have quad-pipes? Yeah, over-played.

  6. actually the deville had quad tail lights cadillac has been doing that before alot of luxury companies were they were doing that 6 years ago on devilles and since the early 90’s on the seville which is before any other luxury car company started doing it that the spy shots had stacked exhaust which looked kinda crazy, but i thought they were unique, and probably cool in person

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