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Ford claims the new MKS will be added to the Lincoln line up in 2008.
So it could be a 2009 model.
As a “flagship sedan”. That would mean the top of the line model.
I thought they were supposed to get some kind of version of the great Continental concept from a couple of years ago.
I guess not…

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  1. What a stupid idea! In 2008, Nissan will revise it Maxima, GM will have lines of RWD large sedan, Hyundai will debut its top of the range large sedan, and tons of crossovers will be unload from all sorts of manufacturers. More serious problems: if it prices like Volvo S80, everyone will just choose the Volvo; if it prices under Volvo S80, Ford will have to cheap out interiors, suspension, brakes, and fit& finish in order to be profitable. In the end, watch it flop like Lincholn LS.

  2. I wouldn’t have a problem with this car if it was a competitor to Mercedes E-class, BMW 5 series and Lexus GS. The Lincoln MKS (like the LS) looks a lot like these “business limousines”. But it being a “flagship model”? No way! When I remember the beautiful big sedans from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties that had glorious names like Continental and Town Car, and when I see that a soft boiled wannabe Japanese car with the meaningless name “MKS” should be their successor, then I must say: This is a shame for Lincoln! If you ask me, they should produce the Sentinel concept from 1996!

  3. What the heck is wrong with Ford and now their attempt to change the NAMES in the Lincoln line-up to these dumb designations?

    That just rolls off the tongue…MKS. It sounds like a tax form.

    Maybe we should start naming our kids by alphanumeric designations?

    “This is my son HKL and my daughter DPD.”

    So what if the Germans and even the Japanese have done it?

    Overheard in a Lincoln boardroom “Let’s be unique…just like everyone else!”

  4. It looks great! Too bad it looks like three existing cars already – the Infiniti M45/G35 and Lexus GS.

  5. Wow, that car would have looked really good … in 2000.
       You are right, Vince—I want to see an adaptation of that Mark X show car. I have to agree with MKK on Lincoln’s chances.
       Ford may as well rid itself of this brand if it’s going to starve it of decent new models that express its values. Cadillac will eat it for breakfast, and Lexus, with the way it’s growing, will eat them both for lunch.

  6. Boring design. The interesting show car proportions are all that’s making this thing attractive. Imagine the wheels smaller, the overhangs bigger, take away the fastback profile, and add the usual amounts of grey plastic. What’s left? Maybe I’m jaded…the Zepher was such a disappointment.

  7. The MKS is a truly handsome sedan that’ll never end up looking this good in production. With the exception of the Solstice/Sky twins, there just aren’t any really wonderful domestic designs. Lincoln really needs to get this right.

  8. The rendering is nice but I worry about the final product. The Zepher (MKZ) made a horrible transition to production. To Ford credit, the Zepher alone has raised Lincoln sales by 6-8% which is a good thing. I really want to like this car, I’m just worried about the follow through.

    BTW, the car could be offered for less than a Volvo and still be of decnet quality because A) quantities would reduce the cost of the componants for both vehicles giving additional profits and B) the MKS will be built in North America reducing the labor costs over it’s swedish cousin.

    Let’s see what the engine looks like in the production car.

  9. This is the successor to the Lincolns of the 50s, 60s and so on – even to todays Town Car as the Great American Road Car??
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

  10. This car should be built, period. Screw everyone who thinks every Lincoln, Mercury, Ford and Cadillac should be the reincarnation of an old one. That’s not always the case, and in this case Lincoln’s good ol’ days are so long ago, they’re irrelevant now. Lincoln needs to build great cars no matter how they are inspired. Ford needs to be aggressive with their Lincoln brand and this concept is more attractive than any Japanese car or any German car… except for maybe a MB CLS or Audi S6 or S8.

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