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The all new Volvo S80 based Lincoln MKS was supposed to be offered with Ford’s 3.5 Liter V6 as a base model. And with the Yamaha V8, from the Volvo, as an option.
But Ford will not offer the V8. They’ve just decided to “save money” and maybe offer a Turbo V6 instead.

Ford might save money in the short term, but I really thing not having a V8 will hurt the car. Especially in the luxury segment where everyone else is.

That is the main problem with these companies run by morons. They only see the short term. Save money now and “who cares what happens down the line”. These guys are just worry about their jobs. Not the car company’s future.

I don’t really care about V8s. I don’t drive that fast and a V6 is good enough for me.
But I am not in the market for an over $40 000 luxury car.
Ford should know the lack of V8 would cripple the car. Maybe even kill it in the market place. That’s just the way it is.

A company that just sees short term results cannot survive.

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  1. Nice looking car, but it’s a Ford and that kills it. Better to buy a Lexus at that price level IMO.

    If this new Lincoln is built on a Volvo S80 chassis, a “real” Volvo would seem to be a better choice.

    Cars from Ford (and GM, too) must be BETTER, not as good as competitors if they want to regain market share.

  2. Ford tried doing this in Australia in the 1980s and said that a fuel-injected six was good enough—and had to learn the hard way that buyers wanted bent eights. Holden had massive bragging rights for a short while (although it was in the crap then, too). You are right, Vince—Ford just needs to listen to customers and it is failing to.
       Finally, this MKS looks like an old Lexus ES—I really thought that was what your article would be on till I read the copy.

  3. Right on Vince!
    I really don’t see the charm of this car. Many people have been saying that the Towne Car (this MKS will replace the Towne Car) was a old barge that was long past due to die. Yet, every limo service, driver service, a lot of cab companies etc loved it. Simple body on frame construction with a V8. Made for easy limo-making & repair & servicing. And I still believe there’s a nice small but stable market for a big rear drive body on frame car like the old TC. Lincoln sure isn’t seeing the big picture….
    Without a V8 in the luxury market then this car will forever be criticized for it. And without the good old Towne Car Lincoln will lose a market it was the sole supplier for….


  4. WOW, I think this is the most meaningful and well thought out article you’ve written to date, Vince.

    I totally agree, look at the Acura RL and the previous S80. Both didn’t have V8s both failed in the marketplace.

  5. Lincoln is losing its identity.

    This car doesn’t look like a Lincoln to me. It looks like a generic luxury sedan that could have been designed by any car companies.

    In fact, the only Lincoln I would consider buy is Town Car, which I believe is the last real Lincoln.

    How many more German-luxury-wannabes do we need? I see GM has been putting in some effort, but Ford on the other hand continues to dig their on grave.

  6. “That is the main problem with these companies run by morons. They only see the short term. Save money now and “who cares what happens down the line”. These guys are just worry about their jobs. Not the car company’s future.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  7. “That is the main problem with these companies run by morons. They only see the short term. Save money now and “who cares what happens down the line”. These guys are just worry about their jobs. Not the car company’s future.”

  8. And what ever happened to the great looking Continental concept they showed us a couple of years ago???
    everybody seemed to love it.
    That should have replaced the Town Car.
    I saw it. It was stunning, had presence and looked expensive.
    What else do they want????

  9. Isn’t Honda doing the same thing with Acura, saddling the RL with a V6 (and AWD to hide it’s FWD origins)when the competition is offering V8s and RWD? I guess they’re morons, too.

    It’s too bad what Ford is doing to Lincoln. The MKS is nice looking, but still as anonymous and bland as a Lexus or Acura. Whatever happened with their show cars from just a few years back? Ford/Lincoln better pull its head out of its ass before Lincoln joins Acura as a mere entry level psuedo-luxury offering.

  10. Honda does not have a V8 to put in the RL.
    And they always try to use more efficient engines than The competiton, even when it hurts them.(They’ve ben doing that for years, right or wrong)
    I am sure the next RL will have a small V8.
    They do learn, unlike others.

    Ford has no real excuse…

  11. Another nail to Ford’s coffin. Think about it, if they can’t fit a V8 in a large sedan, they can’t fit it in ranges of midsize cars, crossovers, and small/ midsize pickup trucks. More importantly, without applying small V8 in every ranges as possible, Volvo S80 & XC90’s V8 will have to be totally relied outsourcing (Yamaha?), which is not going to be cheap and efficient. Although V8 only account for small percentage of sales, they represent like halo products and raise the precentage of profit. I think that is ford’s tradition to apply a winning recipe with cat food and then leave it on the market for long lasting embarrassment.

  12. I doubt the next RL will have a V8 of any size. Didn’t Honda already state that a V8 is not in their future plans? No Acura will continue to be a second-tier luxury car, no matter how good they might be. So Lincoln will have some Asian company.

  13. I like the way the MKS looks. This is not the prettiest picture of it.

    Lincoln will do well with a V6 engine if they add a couple turbos that gives it a net of at least 325hp. They should make this vehicle a hi-tech piece. A V8 might give the impression that it’s just a reskinned Lincoln barge.

    However with a standard V6, Lincoln runs the risk of yet another disappointing launch. This car is going to be way too expensive for Lincoln to pull another Zephyr-type introduction. If they don’t give it some serious guts right out of the gate, it will flop really hard.

  14. a big lincoln doesnt make sense, nevermind what the competition has, ford is killing its premium brands bad. and on the rl thing the rl is slower than the v6’s it competes with, and the v8’s, and it doesnt have a mpg advantage over the top v6’s in the class, gs300, 530i, e350, m35, plus the fact its way overpriced and a few cheap bits i would say the “faux” luxury brand is learning much….didnt the last one have only a v6 and less horsepower than the tl, and way slower than its competition….that sounds like they are learning me…and with 290 horsepower there is no real power advantage or performance advantage…..modeling after bmw sure…..learn from their mistakes….still laughing at that one

  15. guys ford australias next generation rwd platform is gonna pinn next generation of ford us cars so stop crying….that 3.5 can be displaced up to a 4.0 litre and can also add direct fuel injection, vvt, turbo or supercharge its capable of more than 300 hp so next time post with facts

  16. I can excuse Acura for not using a V8 in the RL because they don’t have one in their parts bin to use. Ford however, has no such excuse. They are just trashing their own image here in the US. Even if the V8 MKS isn’t a big seller, it still maintains a good image for a “luxury” marque. They should understand the value of a good image. That’s why they produced the new GT. Don’t tell me that decision was made to “save money.”

  17. People who own Lincolns already bought mediocrity. This MKS should work just fine for them as an upgrade.

  18. Some people on here say that it looks like a Lexus, others like an Infiniti, someone even said Pontiac, which I don’t really see, but whatever the case, therein lies the real crux of their problems with this car – it’s just another non-descript, already-saw-it, what-is-that-anyway? sedan from an automaker that just can’t seem to translate the timeless, passion-inspiring style of the Mustang into a four-door sedan. They’d better get their eyes off their bonuses and get in back on style and content, or we won’t be seeing any “future” Fords before long. I love American cars, wouldn’t buy anything else, but even I can’t imagine why anyone would buy this thing.

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