Mazda Miata/MX5 price

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The official price in the US will be $24 350. Or $1400 over the regular soft top model.
And they keep the whole trunk. Unlike other hard top convertibles from Pontiac, VW and Volvo.

If I was in the market for a Miata, I think I would try to find the extra $1400…

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  1. Any advantage the Solstice or Sky had over the Miata is now gone ! Now there is no reason to buy that GM crap !

  2. Ditto what Vince said.

    The Solstice and Sky are beatiful vehicles while the MX-5 looks like a supository on wheels. Very jelly-bean shaped and very 90s.

    Adding a hard top makes it look even more unattractive.

  3. Visually speaking, GM has the Miata licked. Both the Solstice and the Sky are better looking cars. Especially the Solstice with it’s beautiful “jaguar” inspired grill and sexy J-LO curves.

    Dynamically speaking however, the Miata MX-5 kills the GM choices. I have driven all three current models (although the Sky was only a test-drive) and there really is no competition here. The MX-5 drives better, feels better. Any one wondering how’s it possible that the MX-5 has survived more 15 yrs, should take one for a long term test. They drive amazingly well and are FUN cars. However they look….”cheap”

    I wish the GM could capture that MX-5 magic or that Mazda could squeeze a little more style in their Miata’s.

  4. The GM’s are for people who don’t care how a car handles, brakes or how it drives. Anyone who wants to do some serious driving would naturally pick the Miata. The styling of the GM’s only go so far, the interior is cheap, body panels don’t line up, there is no storage space in the car, the cup holders are a joke, there is one behind the drivers elbow and the other one pops out against the passengers knee !!! Good design GM lol

  5. To the “The GM’s are for people who don’t care how a car handles…” guy. Get real. GM is a player in the roadster game. And the base version of the Sky/Solstice is neck-and-neck with the Miata, so get used to it. The MX5 is a hot little car. But the hard top seems completely unnecessary and doesn’t make it a better looking car with the top up.

  6. Well for the people who live in a colder climate the hardtop is alot better than a cloth top and for only 1400 dollars more it is totally worth it, especially when you look at what other cars offer a folding hardtop, SLK, the new 3, which cost double what a Miata costs. The Miata design hasn’t changed much in 15 years but it still looks good, it’s styling is understated where the GM’s are overstated, we’ll see how we feel about the GM’s styling in a few years !!

  7. Not to mention the fact that, in 5 years, a 2007 Solstice will be falling apart, and a 2007 Miata will still be humming along.

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