Merceds AMG sports car

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Let’s hope not.
At least, not like this weird illustration.
Rumors are spreading fast about a 2 seater Mercedes sports car that could compete with the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8.

I’ll believe it when I see it….

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  1. Well, it does look better than the SLR Mclaren AMG and none of mercedes other coupes can be called lookers. Those headlights are a bit much though.

  2. Photoshop!

    Look at the bottom section of the grill just right of the license plate, where it curves up.

    THen also look and compare left headlight inner detail against the right one.

    Personally. I like it.

  3. Well, there is going to be a new Gullwing in 2011, but it certainly won’t look like that, especially since it will have gullwing doors!(it’s the bottom pic, no duh)It’ll have 750 horsepower, so I’ve heard. It’s also featured in the August issue of Automobile magazine, along with a whole bunch of cars from 2007-2011. Yes, I have that issue. Along with my small collection of magazines, all featuring cars from the near future. That’s why I go to your site, Vince, and it rocks!

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