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Well, it was introduced as a concept about 2 years ago.
And it might still change before production.

Is Lada finally entering the 20th Century?
Not sure…

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  1. FUGLY sept for the gauge cluster which is actually really nice and the center console reminds me of the last gen Kia Rio. and another thing Lada has the nerve to put a navi in it I would buy one if it cost $6,000 (USD) new fully loaded with navi lol.

  2. I can see it breaking down right after it’s made…..

    That interior will really stay clean in super clean Russia…….

  3. I’d say they are easily entering into the 20th century with this car.

    Now, entering the 21st century? I think not.

  4. Not bad. Lada’s problem is that each time it introduces a new model, the old one never seems to die—thus you still have the old Shiguli (Fiat 124), the Samara, the Kalina, two generations of Nivas (one with a Chevy badge), and now this … all the same size and competing in a similar market. Still, this should get Lada’s export sales going again, since they don’t sell the older models outside Russia.
       I like what Nate said above …

  5. To me it looks suspiciously similar to the Mexican/South American Ford Fiestas and Ikons.. wonder if this is what they are basing the new Ladas on?

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