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Well, not really new.
The same old Rover 75 that was produced in Europe for years under BMW will now be produced in China by the new local owners.
Would they, could they bring the British (by name only) brand back into the US?

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  1. I am not sure how quality will be on a Chinese car. I wish BMW would have been more sucessful…bastards.

  2. Its probably horribly unreliable, being a British design, but I could see it in NA. Mainly as a fleet/cheap everyday car though. But I think the styling is good, nothing else here has that other than Jaguar, with which it would not be competing.

  3. They’d have to be pretty brash, a bigger than usual chunk of the american populace(usualy quiet unaware there even was a minus -land “rover”) is wise to what when down at Rover Ltd its last few years.

    …Ya know; last real british brand biting the dust after years of model stagnation.

  4. “who needs a Chinese car based on the late 80s technologies?”

    ur talking about the Rover 25? Try 1999 BMW technology…idiot!

  5. This car’s desing is super-dated, and super-ugly. We need a wake-up call in most of the automotive design world.

  6. I like it because it’s not something we see here in the US. I don’t think it was very competitive in its segment–Top Gear reviewed one shortly before Rover went bust, and they liked it, (basically) only because it was British.

    There are a couple of weak links in the chain here. First, it was a British car, with all the questionable design and build quality and iffy parts suppliers that such a distinction entails. Second, the Chinese have copied it (or bought the stamping and assembly parts from the bankrupt Rover, it doesn’t really matter), and their second efforts of other products never seem to turn out as well as the originals.

  7. I remember we test drove one of these in our search for a mid sized european car. Living in australia it was cheaper than its german counterparts as you got a bit more kit, e.g. leather and wood but my god it was a bad car. Fit and finish was terrible, driving dynamics were worse than the car we were leaving (toyota camry) steering was woolen and the interior was cramped. Why did the chinese have to bring back MG, it was put down for a reason!

  8. True about the quality. You only have to see two- or three-year models down here and compare them to Euro, Japanese and Australian cars of the same vintage. Scary that BMW could not improve Rover’s QA, although Mini seems to have sorted itself at the old Morris plant. An intention to ruin Rover, perhaps?

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