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This is just the Iroc concept for the Paris Auto Show next month.
But VW has already said this would become the new Scirocco next year.

I really like the 2 door wagon style. I wish Chevy could have produced their Nomad concept from a couple of years ago. Looks like VW will be the 1st to return that body style.

Let’s hope quality is also improving. I just saw the new Eos at a dealer yesterday and talked to a service manager.
He was 1st to admit the top design could be a nightmare waiting to happen. He, 1st hand, knows how much problems VW convertibles have been for their owners.

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  1. Vince said, “I really like the 2 door wagon style.” …….HATCHBACK… go ahead Vince, say it. Lightning won’t strike, frogs won’t fall from the sky, everyone won’t stop reading your blog… well, umm….

  2. Looks alot like the new baby Volvo to me. Sounds like VW wants to produce this since Volvo green lighted there ‘2 door wagon’. Very interesting…not my style though…an obvious design direction for the Scion tC to follow…

  3. A wagon has a hatch, but you still call it a wagon.
    This, even though it does have a hatch, does look like a 2 door wagon.

    I don’t see your point.
    Are you trying to imply I don’t like hatchbacks???
    You should read the site more often.

  4. i dont get the point of this car, and it seems its only just me….but why would vw need another hatchback to compete with the gti, or for that matter the audi tt, or a3, all these cars are based on the same car same engines for the most part and they all other than slight (larger on the tt, why i have no idea) price differences seem like competition….whats the point of vw constantly fighting audi makes no sense

  5. I think those Germans want us to say “shooting brakes”. Expect an Audi A5 coming with it. Only one minor flaw, why Volkswagen wants to call it “Iraq” when is suppose to turn its fortune in North America arround?

  6. actually its iroc, not iraq not sure where that came from, but a couple old american sports cars were irocs, the camaro, and the daytona. but i doubt thats where the name came from probably just short for the whole name….but that iraq comment was pretty stupid

  7. I like hatchbacks, but only the ones that do not appearto look like station wagons(or sports wagons, as they term them today,for “marketing” purposes).Scion tC looks great, and is a 3 door hatch(to me, the proper way to build/design a sporty hatch). This? Ever take bubble gum, chewed up, and strectch it out, and the center is thin, and the ends are thick? There ya go… that’s this design, lol.
    VW….. make it look like a tC, or Tiburon, or Eclipse type of hatch, and keep msrp under 20K(rumors have it at 23-25K…. from other sources I read recently. had not seen a graphic, except here, but read about ’em ).
    They could even imitate the Elantra GT, as far as I care, as
    long as it ain’t a “wagon” shape.

    take care/ no offense(at my comments. just how I feel about hatches: like some, don’t like others).

  8. To the gentleman who questioned the reasoning behind introducing another hatchback to compete with the GTI and A3, you need to think back to the original Scirocco and GTI. The GTI was the pocket rocket. The car the looked like an ordinary hatchback but went like snot, and handled great. The Scirocco was the essentially the same car, but in lower slung, higher style Italian duds (actually both were designed by Ital Design, but the Scirocco looked Italian. My Dad had an ’81 Scirocco S, and I loved that car. It’s incredible how satisfying these basic cars were. No air, no GPS, no V6, no paddle shifters. Just the basics. The only problem with this concept is the the looks. There’s nothing about it to me that says Scirocco or even VW to me.

  9. VW is calling it iroc in the form of scIROCco iroc as in the name of the actual car, this has nothing to do with a country !
    and here is the pics of the rest of the car !

  10. Where’s the market for 2-door wagons? College kids–no. Single moms–no. Families–no. Single no kids–no. Retirees–no. Couples with no kids–maybe, but they don’t stay that way long.

    So who?

    Bob Lutz?

    Whoever wants a wagon would want 4 doors too.

  11. this car is a poor attempt, and they have no need for 2 hatchbacks in their lineup the gti, and this car will just compete on the lot it makes no sense, they should have made a coupe or a car that looked like the old corrado…and as far as hyundai until hyundai gets its resale values ill pass on anything korean and im sure that will be a long time

  12. The car looks like a deformed GTI or a 1991 Honda Civic depending on how you look at it. The original was so magnificent, it is almost impossible to top it. From it, from the second generation and the Corrado should have been the best design elements picked. Parameters: 150 HP, 1950 GW, 1.8 L sequential turbo, 8000 RPM redline,
    power nothing! That’s it.

  13. more pictures, info, (except prices? I did not check it out, just saw the story,etc).My problem is this: MSRP.How much will this thing cost?That article I posted(link) says 210HP turbo/super charged.19″ tires, etc.It may be nice, but hey, I could live with a tC with 160HP(0r 200, with turbo, and still under 20K).Don’t need all the extras.Should sell a base, and a loaded up version, or just one version like Scion does(tC)…. and if ya want turbo, pay extra… ya want something else, pay for it, if not, then ya save a bundle of cash, for a decent car. Make it affordable, and I’ll consider one.VW’s used to = less Expensive than mots other automakers(like Hyundai/Suzuki/Kia is there days) and sometimes even fun!

  14. 26,000 dollars(?)… No Thanks, not unless it gets 75 MPG!Also, with the recent quality issues…. Hmmm.I’ll wait for that HCD-9(?) Hyundai showed, for (supposedly) similar pricing.Get a larger car, awd, adjustable suspension, 10/100K warranty…. and much more, for simialr, or less, money.C’Mon VW….. return to your roots. Your Rabbit sales in july did not set the world on fire(alittle over 2000 units,the worst of any subcompact under 20K msrp).Embarassing! Maybe that 14,990 MSRP they show on tv(for the most base model car) should apply to the 20K car, then they would be selling em, fast!30MPG does not help sales, either.I-5 getting less than many V6’s mdiszied sedans(and same price as Fusion, Sonata, G6,Optima…) Right!What they trying to do, price themselves out of the market, again?

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