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This is the interior of the upcoming Corolla. Whether thay call it a 2007 or 2008 model.
It is still suposed to come out before the end of this year at least in Japan.

These pictures are of the “trunk model”. Not the European hatchback.
So this is pretty much what we’re supposed to get in the US.
And it does has a mini Camry feel to it.

I will post pictures of the exterior (similar to what we’ve already see here before) and the much more modern European version soon. (with its own interior design)

Keep watching…

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  1. Not bad, but go to, future/coming soon vehicles, look at 07 elantra. Elantra smokes this thing. Makes this corolla interior look like it should be in the yaris, instead.

  2. if that interior was in a yaris id buy one tommorrow ! btw the interior reminds me alot of my 1996 maxima not a 2007 vehicle !

  3. I rather stick to a Japanese car over a Hyundai any day.
    I don’t care what consumers say, even Koreans think Japanese cars are still better.

  4. Anonymous said…
    I rather stick to a Japanese car over a Hyundai any day.
    I don’t care what consumers say, even Koreans think Japanese cars are still better.

    9:16 PM —————————————————

    OK, forget the consumers comments: Let the experts “speak”!
    Best Sedan for 2006, midszied family car! Also has Long term reporting.
    if you care to go to maybe Monday(28th)…they may have the online report of what us subscribers got for the snail mail mag Long Term review/report on Sonata(and it is good news for Hyundai).
    If you see or get AW, look on page 9… 28aug06 issue.
    Or, like I said, wait for Monday, and see if AW posts it online.
    Go about anywhere, look around.

    Oh, JD Powers gave Hyundai a few awards, and even Kia!
    Oh, that’s consumers, though.

    I prefer Link(s) to “back up” my claims.

    Oh, BTW, if you care to go to, and look on the left side(bar/box), select automaker, news…. has something from early June, saying Hyundai-Kia Motors, Inc, just passed Nissan to become the worlds 6th largest seller of vehicles, and Honda is 9th. Only Toyota(2nd) and VW (4th, I believe)…and Big 2.5 ahead of Hyundai-Kia.
    Here it is: Factual Information, and a Link to it.
    Wow, imagine… a Link, to back up one’s claims!

  5. The Elantra beats this how? The Elantra beats the current dated Corolla’s interior, but this new Corolla interior certainly looks class-leading.

    Also there are reports that the new Corolla is supposed to have multi-link rear suspension …

  6. Anonymous said…
    Only Hyundai fanboys believe the Elantra’s interior would smoke this…

    11:24 AM
    You’re a pathetic!

    If Honda’s so good, why are they 9th place for GLOBAL SALES, LOL! Nissan is 7th palce, BEHIND HYUNDIA…. Effin’ kids on here. Vince , you had a good site… but, … going back to MW forums. There, people can agree to disagree, without being *** holes.
    so, YOUR CAR is GOOD? Then STICK IT up your ***, Good Things dont’ hurt you!

  7. Hyundai and Kia …right:-) they can be even the greatest sellers because of their low prices which usually means that their products suck ass. Corolla is a family car and this interior though not superior will fit it quite well i think. The quality of materials should be fine.

  8. To “Your Pathetic” Please quit the name calling if you don’t agree with somebody’s opinion then grow up and talk about the cars. Popularity or big sale numbers don’t equate to quality at all. I mean Pinto’s were popular but they were obviously not a good car. It seems that in your universe Hyundai is far superior to BMW because they sell more??? Duh! So lets get back to the cars and get off the personal slagging.

  9. Hold on a second. I’m not that big of a Hyundia fan. I think the elantra is a nicer looking package on the sportier side. But i can already sense the mediocrity of this car. Toyota to me means medicore cars. Toyotas aren’t fantastic. Everyone is comepletely brainwashed about Toyota. Ever scince Toyota started building cars in America, they suck. In the past 5 years, Toyota has nearly trippled the amount of recalls. I even kno people who have had numerous problems. Trust me the elantra is a winner as far as the interior.

  10. the hyundia looks alot nicer than the corolla already. I will admit, I’m becoming a fan hyundia. They make desirebale cars unlike toyota.

  11. I think those reports on Hyundai are just as valid as the people who run the company, crap.
    Who would buy from a company that makes underwear,
    can goods and condoms?

  12. Quality and functionality look like typically good Toyota stuff, but the styling is terribly bland compared to the Civic. I’d expect this level of blandness from a Camry, but c’mon Toyota.

    Also, I wonder how long the silver paint on the steering wheel controls will last.

  13. 2007 Elantra interior looks better.
    I think Toyota dropped the ball on this one but they should still sell alot of them because of the name.

  14. Looks Promising
    I think it’s way too soon to draw conclusions on this new ’07 Corolla’s interior. Besides these low res images doesn’t really show the interior that well.

    As to comparisons between the interior quality of the ’07 Corolla to that of the ’07 Elantra I have to say that it is premature to debate whether one is better over the other since both vehicles have not yet even gone on sale in the U.S.

    So until I can see them in the flesh I’ll wait and see. Jury is out.


  15. from what I read, the elantra will be out any time now, but the corolla will be out early 07. That’s what the papers been reportin’

    Form personal experiences: Toyota makes a good Scion tC(had 1 recall for glass moonroof, and had to go back 2 times to get a passenger side wiper blade arm fixed, in 60K, 2 years of ownership).
    Hyundai is as good, as we own a Sonata, also 2 years old.
    It needed a window gasket replaced, and may need another replaced(both rear doors). They fixed one… and the other is shot,too.
    Is it annoying? Yes. It’s fixed under warranty, though(32,000+ miles).
    Nothing Important broke,(engine, tranny,etc) on either car(well, the wiper arm could be used, but it would not set down, and was hitting the moulding on the tC, and the Hyundai, ya just couldn’t use one window for a few weeks, w/o it sometimes getting stuck on roll up)yet.

    It’s just the way cars are these days. A relative of mine whose last day working for the auto/diesel truck manufacturing world(this wed, after 12 years), told me it is due to everyone is trying to put the least expensive parts in some of their vehicles, to (supposeldy) hold down costs, thus dumb stuff like wiper arms breaking, window gaskets warping prematurely, etc. His Jeep Gand Cherokee, 1999 model, at 107,000, needed a new tranny, over 3K of repairs, at the locla mechanics.
    Guess he has a point, to a degree.

    My big gripe with Toyota, Honda and Nissan? 28-30K for a Maxima, Cmary or Acoord(loaded up like most Americans want?) vs say an Azera for 25-27K, or a Sonata for (on sale) 20-23K?

    Toyota has had a ton of recalls(and Honda had tranny issues a few years back, people seem ot blank this out of their minds, as if it never happened), and Nissan? I owned 2 of those in the 90’s. To me, the last Nissan worth anything was the 94 SE-R.
    There’s a reason for their sales dropping(and not just due ot “old” line up).

    Toyota needs to do something with this interior. Uggh!
    It looks more like a video game-machine thing.
    That steering wheel looks like the gaming controls!

    I just hope when they reowrk the xB or the tC, they do a better job than they did on this.

  16. I’ll wait until 2015, and buy a car, after the Chinese are on their 2mnd , or 3rd “run” of vehicles, and are on par of the better cars, for 30-50% less money, ir just hope sales take off, and force all of these makers to lower their prices.

    It’s sad that there’s 7 year loans now, so you can afford a Camry!
    5 years is too much!

  17. Hyundai makes desirable cars? HELL NO. Hyundai makes cars you have to buy, just like Toyota. I doubt anybody aspires to drive a Sonata one day…

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