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You’ve seen it here before, but these are new pictures.
(not illustrations)

I think it does look much better than the “trunk” version we might get over here.
It looks very much like a big Yaris, which is a good thing. The French made Yaris is pretty popular in Europe already.

Let’s just hope Toyota sees the light and follows Mazda, and even Ford, by offering at least one version of the hatchback in the US…

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  1. Unless this car is significantly larger than the Yaris I don’t see a hatchback version here. Sales of one would hurt the other (Toyota would love the Corolla to have larger sales,….more $$)

  2. They really need to bring this over here, it looks so much better than the current Corolla. The current Corolla is still 3rd best seller in its class and it looks terrible. This one is guaranteed to be a top seller for many years, as long as they maintain the top quality.

  3. I love it!

    But, it’d be a miracle if the US gets this version… it’s been proven that we always get the uglier style ones.

    The backend is absolutely gorgeous.
    Front end is not too good, reminds me of a cockroach (just don’t get one in black) 🙂

  4. Ok…Now I understand. Seeing these photos makes it clear. We will get a two door hatch (previous camoed photo) and a four door sedan just like the Yaris line-up. The four door hatch will be restyled into the new Matrix, I bet this interior will find its way into the Matrix being that it is a little funky and stylish. Camry lite interiors for the Corollas.

  5. Because of the Euro pedestrian safety standard which requires a “crush-zone” between the hood and engine, all the hoodlines are raised. The result is an ungainly, “pugnose” look to all the latest models and especially Toyota’s. I think it’s similar to the era in the 70’s when the bumper standards had the make’s tacking on huge ungainly bumpers. Eventually, the engineers figured out how to have both an effective and attractive bumper. Hopefully the same will soon result in safer yet more pleasing front ends.

  6. Sorry, but these are still only illustrations. They appear the most accurate to date though. Worried Toyota bosses sent the car back to the stylists for a freshen up when they saw the Civic hatch.

  7. I’m sure they will bring it to the US. If you see Toyota sales recently, Corolla is claiming top spot from the Camry.

  8. If you go to Edmunds, future vehicles, there has been a sketch up since late last year, and it is sort of like this “illustration”, but for 2007 Corolla.

    If they bring a 3 door here, and it is akin to the 3 door Yaris(w/o that goofy guage cluster in the center of the dash nonsense), and it is not 20K msrp…. I may even consider one.

  9. I think “Anonymous” is right.
    We could be getting the 3 and 4 door models. Just like the Yaris. And just like the Yaris, they will have their own interior designs.
    And Canada might end up getting the 5 door as well….

  10. 3 door, if designed Not like a “wagon”, would be on my “check it out” list. Of course, this all depends on the next generation “tC”, or even “xB”.

  11. Just to clarify, according to the Corolla is the best selling car in the US. I am unaware of worldwide.

  12. Wow, a bloated Yaris. Nice job, Toyota. Just what we need, more ugly cars. How long before it’s recalled?

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