Next Fiat Stilo/Bravo

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Another nice looking compact we won’t get over here…

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  1. Vince is right,it’s more or less oficially confirmed that it will be called Bravo again.God knows why – the Stilo was no success,but neither was the Bravo…

  2. The current stilo is a really cool car in fiats lineup. Its very sharp edged. This one just seems very similar to the punto.

  3. on the contrary, however, the current stilo is completely outclassed by its rivals- Golf, Focus, etc. Yes, stylistically it was pleasant and loaded with kit, but Fiat should’ve concentrated on the car underneath as it was a huge dynamic improvement. the new Punto is awesome to drive, though, and hopefully this trickles down to the new Bravo/Stilo/whatever.

  4. Todo lo mostrado hasta la fecha indica que FIAT está haciendo un gran trabajo con su nuevo modelo del segmento C. El nombre casi seguro (en un 99%) será BRAVO.

    Un saludo desde Barcelona!

  5. We still don’t know what platform it will be on since the GM–Fiat alliance fell through. There are Kia rumours …

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