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This would be exactly what a large Saab should look like: very modern.
I am not sure if the final product will look like this or not.

Saabs are known to be some of the least reliable cars on the market, so a good design is not enough.
Let’s hope GM understand it.

Will this be too little too late???

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  1. Wow they’re really milking those turbine jet wheels first seen on the Aero-X for all its worth aren’t they?

    But really, can those proportions be any more spot on? Lovely. Just not in red, please.

  2. You can tell this is a chop whose designer failed to notice one of the key features of any Saab grille – – that is that the line that extends from the center continues outward and matches the outer lines by the lights to fan upwards like the wings of an airplane. This design has existed in some form for quite some time now, but this sketch moved the grille and the lines don’t match up. It will likely look more like the AeroX with a deeper downwards grille.

  3. Who drives Saabs anymore?
    Never see any it seems.

    That’s too bad about the quality too, they used to be known for their durability.

    Dang GM.

  4. I never see one on the road anymore, and they used to be so cool back in the 80’s. Saabs were owned by hip people who didn’t want to be another Biff or Bunny trendoid. They were the anti-BMW car, if you will.

    Today, Saab is one of the least desirable brands out there. What on earth did GM think it could do for Saab?

  5. Poor reliabitly isn’t GM’s fault. Most of GM’s North American brands rank at or above average on the JD power scale while Saab trails at the bottom with several other European brands. All Saabs built in Trollhatten, Sweden have the lowest quality while the 9-7x which is a Trailblazer in Saab clothing has better quality because it’s built in the US.
    This is a good chop and is very similar to the leaked Saab 9-5 drawing that has been on the net for a few months now. I hope they build it as is.

  6. Just for fun, I made a check of the license plate, XXD 448:
    Model: VOLVO A + S80
    Color: White
    VIN: YV1AS855671001232
    Date of purchase: May 5, 2006
    In traffic since: May 29, 2006
    First registered: May 3, 2006
    Date of manufacure: May, 2006
    Annual road tax: SEK 3025
    Power: 232 kW
    Tire dimension, rear: 245/45 R17 99W

  7. Must say I beg to differ about the quality. The plant in Trollhattan is very good in fixing the cars.

    And Saab is so much cooler than BMW AUDI and MERC.

    Also very fuelefficient with turbo and the best safety money can buy. It in some way talk against that i would have bad buildquality…

  8. The quality jab is coming from a survey of 2003 SAAB’s. In 2003 Saab launched the then new 9-3SS. It had some electrical teething problems as it introduced a number of innovative electrically-related items such as a car-wide fiber optic network in lieu of heavier copper wiring. Luckily most of those problems seem resolved in the 2005 and later models. Mechanically, SAAB’s are some of the most durable vehicles. My last SAAB, from 1998, left my service with 220,000 miles on its clock. It has been serving a family member since. My ’06 9-3SS has been flawless except for a sticky sunroof switch which was replaced in a 30-minute visit to my dealer.

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