Next Subaru Legacy wagon

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A very nice redesign.
If it is true…

I always liked the legacy/Outback, and this follows a similar theme.

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  1. Finally, this boring, outdated, long-in-the-tooth wagon is being redesigned in full! Time for all the other Subarus to lose their 90’s-era styling as well!

  2. Subarus are good cars. If I needed AWD for driving in snow, etc., I’d consider one. Their service record is among the best, too.

    Unfortunate that GM never did anything with the affiliation they had with Subaru.

    The problem is that if you don’t need/want AWD, Subaru doesn’t offer a FWD car that would be lighter and more economical. But being exclusively AWD does set Subaru apart from its competitors.

  3. Let’s all hope that Subaru has learned its’ leason with the GROSS MISTAKE they made on the front end of the B-9 Tribeca and they don’t end up repeating such a mistake again with the new Legacy!!!! That would kill Thousands of sales for Subaru and officially link them with all the other companies trying to compete with one another to see who can make the most ridiculous looking ‘Crossover’ for the U.S. market to date!!!!

  4. Thank god GM lost their conection with subaru. They remain faithful in pumping out great cars, not just american trash.

    Just look at the saab big suv. all it is a different bumper on an ugly GM SUV.

    GM you dont sell cars by just rebaging the same vehicle.

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