Next Subaru WRX

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This is an illustration of the performance/racing version.
But it shows what the next WRX/ Impreza could look like.

The WRX could keep the sedan design while the Impreza might be a hatchback only.

More later…

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  1. Vince, are you sure about this photo? I have seen other images which had more of a jelly bean shape
    and was also seen as a 2 door.

  2. Subaru has ditched the upside-down-alfa grille (and not before time too) so that nose will probably change significantly.

  3. Subaru’s cars seem to be stuck in the 90s. Even their “award-winning” Forester and Outback look like relics of the past. It seems like they refresh their cars every two years, but the refreshings are so minimal that no one notices. They just tack on new grilles and headlights to old body styles, and it always looks like shit.

  4. hmmm…seems like a bit of lexus is going on in the front headlights, although if the sedan has the same body lines, this could be a very good-looking car. And if Mitsubishi can pull of the next Lancer’s styling (judging the 2nd generation outlander and new eclipse, i think it will), then this rallye duo will be an excellent pair.

  5. 2door?! you say?! umm… impreza (wrx) (sti) has always been a sedan. that photo you saw is… PHOTOSHOPPED!

  6. I never said this is a photo.
    This is why I use the word “ILLUSTRATION”…
    And an illustration of a 4 door sedan.

    They will also have a 5 door.

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