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From these shots, the “Mini Murano” does look much, much better.
Let’s hope they do change the front end for the US market.
These pictures taken near Paris show a European model. No doubt this platform will be shared with Renault.

This should do very well against the RAV4 and the new CRV. Especially with the new 2.5 Liter engine.
More power than the CRV and still very good gas mileage.

I will post a shot of the interior soon.

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  1. I assume this will replace the X-trail or it will be Nissan’s entry level choice for the U.S. market.
    Vince, do you think this looks more like a mini-Santa Fe? Anyway, Vince I do agree that the front needs a little more jazz to it.
    On Average, Nissans tend to be less expensive as compared to Toyotas, but I wonder if this will be compete more with the SX4 from Suzuki?
    When will this baby come out?

    _EM NY

  2. This is larger and more expensive than the Suzuki.
    The Suzuki will pretty much be in a class by itself in the US.
    This is more like the RAV4 or new CRV.

    I guess they’ll show it in the US at the L.A auto show in November with sales shortly after. Unless they wait for Detroit…
    Anyone knows about that???

  3. Is it just me or are too many suv’s/cuv’s copying the Mazda3 5door? (this, the Envoy)…. hope Mazda is getting paid royalties!

  4. Interesting design strategy Nissan has here – make their new Nissans look like an already existing Nissan. First the new Altima looks like the current Maxima, now this Qashqai (what’s with these names?) looks like the current Murano. Did Nissan can their design department?

  5. Nissan has indeed confirmed that they will be showing something at the L.A. Show. What it might be is anyone’s guess. Some have said it’s gonna be the Sentra SE-R, other’s say it’s gonna be a production version of the Azeal or Sport Concept. Still other rumors say it will be the rumored 2-door Altima coupe or perhaps the new G35 coupe.

    Sentra SE-R makes the most sense to me, however, personally, my money is on the Qashqai. Although something tells me they won’t keep that name for the U.S. and there will most likely be some minor styling changes (the front end and minor rear end changes to meet U.S. crash standards?) from what you have pictured here.

    Keep up the good work Vince, I’m looking foward to seein whatever interior shots you have of this thing.

  6. Just wanted to tell you, Vince, that your site kicks total ass… I don’t know how you constantly and completely scoop all the major auto websites… but we, your loyal readers, love you for it!!! Thanks for all your excellent work.

    Oh, and the Qashqai (HORRIBLE name) looks very good. Me likey.

  7. Thank you so much.
    That makes me feel great.

    I just love cars, and I guess I’m not the only one.

  8. i share the same senitments about your site vince! i love it and it’s so great that you take part in the conversations!

    i love cars, too. i used to stand at the window when i was 5 year old and name the cars that would pass by…according to my parents. haha.

    but i really do like the shape of this nissan SUV a lot better than the x-trail. too bad the front needs work

    speaking of mini-utes, i just saw an EcoSport down here in San Diego. why won’t Ford bring it over? it’d be a great entry-level car. it’s cute and such.


    Yes, I have to admit that Vince get most of the information before anybody else. VB, do you know where Bin Laden is? Maybe you should work for the FBI or CIA with all your tips and searches!


  10. Hey Vince Burlapp,
    Iam also a car geeck. I am a medical student and if only I would read anatomy as much as I read up on your website and car magazines I would be getting all A’s. But your website just plain rocks. THanks Man.

  11. I absolutely despise the use of cheap black/grey plastic trim along the bottom of vehicle bodies. It invariably wrecks the flow of the design, and often contrasts poorly with the paint color. Not to mention the nice shade of powdery grey that plastic will have acquired after a few years of oxidation and UV exposure. I was appalled the first time I saw that aesthetic vulgarity on a G35, and Nissan, whose designers I expect to have more sense, obviously still hasn’t wised up about it.

  12. Incidentally, I work with someone who has a beautiful pearl-white Murano, and every day I have to look at the god-awful black/grey plastic along the bottom of it that just ruins the appearance of that vehicle’s classy, elegant body and gorgeous paint color. It’s really pathetic.

  13. Nissan is very late to the cute-ute game in America. They’ve had nothing to compete with the CR-V or RAV4.

    They should call the Qashqai the ‘Bout damn time.

  14. At the risk of sounding like a ‘groupy’…I must say that I love this site also. I vistit at least 4 or 5 times per day. Keep up the great work!

  15. I think this car looks cheaper that the CRV or RAV4, it looks like it is in a class below those, (with the BMW X3, but cheaper). Somehow the design also reminds me of Lexus, the back lights off the IS250, and other stuff from the old RX300. Oh yea, and Vince we all love you.

  16. I agree with everyone. This site is way better than any car magazine that took a rediculously large number of people to make (maybe you should become a 1-man band).

    The Qashqai, however, isn’t as good.

  17. Vince, your site rocks :o)

    I don’t know how you do it, but many times you were the first one to show some exclusive pics, even fastest than other bigger auto sites.

    Btw, I think Qashqai looks more expansive than the RAV4 and new CRV, but the name has gotta be changed.

  18. The X-Trail is a huge hit in Canada. Even though it has been around internationally for quite a few years, it is outselling the Murano 2 to 1 and, even outsells smaller SUV’s like Santa Fe, Tribute, Forester, Grand Vitara, and is just a few hundred units behind the Tucson. Even with an old design, it is selling well here in Canada, as 4 cylinder SUV’s are in demand. This Qasgqai is definately the Xtrail replacement.

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