Nissan Qashqai

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Just a couple of better pictures, taken the same day around Paris.

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  1. I like it a lot, except for that darn grill. That’s the only thing I’d change, oh and I don’t like the small round red lights in the rear bumper either.. what are those for anyway? Other then those two minor things, this thing truly does look like a mini-Murano. Hurry up and make those changes, then bring this baby to the states Nissan!! You are late to the game as it is.

  2. By seeing that pictures I think it has a huge moon-roof, actually a bigger one than the current x-trail. They should’ve done the same with the rav and the crv.


  3. I love the huge glass roof.
    Honda did show a CRV concept a few years ago with one.
    I thought the new generation would offer it as an option at least.
    I guess they wimped out…

  4. Vince, I like this, I know the grill is odd, but it looks like a good value like the 240 sx was back in 1989.
    = good engine, price, economical and jelly bean-like shape.
    I just hope this will be a real import, with nice options
    and value,

  5. those little round lights in the rear bumper are rear fog lights for european spec vehicles(some cars ex murano have only 1 revers light and the other reverse light is a rear fog light) they’re just there to make the cars more visible from the rear.

    it looks actually much better in these new pics. looks much larger than other pics also.

  6. Hey Vince, I noticed Autoblog is giving you credit for some of the stuff they are posting as well. I must nice say, nice job!

    One thing though…
    Autoblog says the Qashqai is Euro-Only. Do you know if that’s a fact? I know Nissan’s supposed to come out with a small cross-over in the states soon, but if the Qashqai is truly euro-only, then I hafta wonder what’s in store for us instead?

  7. I am not 100% sure this will be in the US. But I’m “really” sure.
    The interior looks so close to our new Altima.
    And they do want to compete with the RAV4 and CRV.

    The statement might just mean they will call it something else in the US. So the name Qashqai then would just be for Europe…
    We’ll know more next week when they show it.

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