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This is a crash test of a small Chinese Chery model. Actually a bad copy of the Daewoo Matiz (which itself didn’t fare well in European tests)
And these are the results of a test conducted applying European standards.

I am not sure it was the actual European test. It might have been internal.

But the pictures speak for themselves…
I have to mention this model is not intended for sale in the US or Europe.

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  1. Note that the passenger compartment is severely distorted. Unsafe POS that wouldn’t/shouldn’t be allowed for sale in the U.S. or any other thoughtful country.

    Imagine that piece of foil hit by a Ford Explorer, Excretion, etc.

    That’s why I replaced a compact car with a mid-sized one–and with side curtain airbags, too!

  2. what speed was it being tested at? any car will be destroyed at a high speed, in the pictures, you would surivive that crash. dont just post pictures of a random crashed car, any car can be crashed, doesnt make it a worse car than everything else

  3. “Imagine that piece of foil hit by a Ford Explorer, Excretion, etc.”

    Forget about being hit by another vehicle, I’d be worried about bugs hitting this worthless heap.

  4. not really person like so many others to make decision off detail less picture, any info on speed, type of test, etc. a volvo, or any car can be put in a test and left looking like that….where is the test info

  5. ANyone noticed that this “car” doesn´t even have a driver airbag – remember, it´s 2006, and not 1990 or so…

    And that was a test where they compared it to the Matiz, which as stated, did already bad, though the structure remained much better and it had twin airbags. Yes, this is your coffin on wheels…


  7. If the test was internal we wouldn’t be seeing the results right now. Does the thing not have airbags? Wow the flintstones car would have probably done better.

  8. This test seems to be offset frontal crash test. From the 1st pic, the driver side dont look so bad at all, and the overall passenger frame of the entire car looks more intact that what this board makes it out to be. The engine compartment collapsed within itself, which is what it should do in a crash. Without seeing the test data and comparable data from other cars in the size class, the opinions can only be subjective.

  9. I guess it is better than bicycle or motorcycle in terms of crash protection. The firewall is completely destroy. No airbag had been launched. The funny thing, however, is that the one who did the crash test don’t even bother to put a test dummy in it. I guess they had cleverly predicted that the steering wheel will probably touch the driver’s seat during the impact moment anyways. It will be hard to believe anyone in this car can survive a crash in North America other than running down a pedestrian.

  10. The passenger seems to would have survived, according to the diagram tho the driver is dead, his chest is maroon which is the second worse rating, while u can see the head is bright red, meaning u r dead. looks like ur head would slam into the ceiling if u were the driver seeing as how the seat it touching the roof.

  11. It may be safer than those Ford F-150’s that burst into flames, like they showed on the news last pm, that are being recalled!
    here; you gotta get hit, or hit, something first, to get injured,but the Ford? Just start it up, at the wrong time!
    At least they fixed those tires from blowing up,LOL!

    I wanna a “killer’ truck from Ford!
    Chery has stated that they are working on meetying strict standards for the US market, and that is why the nearly 1 year delay.

    Guess you kids never heard of The Pinto? That was a winner of a car, too!LOL. Junk!

  12. The Pinto was in the 70s. It’s 2000-freakin’-6. There’s no excuse for such a flimsy clown car. The chinese copy everything, you’d think they could copy a better built car. You’d be safer in a Cozy Coupe

  13. Well, at 100 mph you’d expect these results, but what’s the speed of this test crash? 40?

    More info please.

  14. Anonymous said…

    Chery’s been building cars since what,the 1990’s?????????

    Ford, over 100 years, adn they build vehiucles that people buy(for some odd reason) that Kill, STill.

    This is a message thread about a Chery model, not a Ford.

    When a cop stops you for speeding, do you say that everyone else is speeding and has been for 100 years?

  15. Chery’s been building cars since what,the 1990’s?????????Ford, over 100 years, adn they build vehiucles that people buy(for some odd reason) that Kill, STill.——————————-——————————–QUOTE:Ford Explorer Rollover Lawsuit – 2006 Update The safety of the Ford SUVs became a nationwide concern in 2000. More than 200 deaths and 700 injuries in the United States were blamed on Ford Explorers rolling over after the tread separated on Firestone tires with which the Explorers had been equipped. In 2005, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued a report finding that the two-door, two-wheel drive Ford Explorer made between 1999 and 2002 had the fourth highest rate of driver death of the 47 SUVs that were part of the study. ———————————————————————– QUOTE:Rollover” includes footage of a lawsuit deposition in which a Ford engineer reveals that his company knew its first big-selling SUV, the Bronco II, was killing people in rollovers much more often than other SUVs. What’s more, the rollover problem had actually been discovered in early road tests conducted prior to the Bronco II’s release. To address the problem, Ford engineers recommended lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity and widening its track by two inches to increase its stability. Doing so, however, would have delayed production and pushed back the vehicle’s release date — a decision that would have been extremely costly. Ford executives opted not to make the design change. “There was nobody working at Ford Motor Company that had the courage to knock on the chairman and chief executive’s door and say … ‘By the way, we need another 18 months,'” says Tab Turner, an attorney who has handled hundreds of SUV rollover lawsuits. “Nobody was going to do that.”The same dilemma would confront Ford Motor Company several years later, when a highly negative Consumer Reports review of the Bronco II threatened to sabotage the debut of what would eventually become the world’s best-selling SUV: the Ford Explorer. When the Explorer’s prototype exhibited the same rollover problem in test runs as the Bronco II, engineers once again proposed lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity and widening its track. Again, company executives opted for less costly modifications———————————————————————–Why DO Americans turn a Blind Eye to Ford’s Trash(and others), yet slam Chery befroe they even have sent one car to the USA?This car is not going to be released in USA as-is, so WT heck’s yer problem?Why not vent on the crooks at Ford, who KILLED people with BroncoII and Explorer(and not just tire explosion roll overs, as this link above says, IF YOU BOTHER TO TRY TO READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go UAW…. Go Ford. Building death traps since 1970’s Pinto, and no one cares but the victims family members.

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