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To compete with the new Mini.
Good luck.
No matter how good the car will be, the Mini has a history that cannot be matched by any other small car. Except the upcoming Fiat 500.
That’s why it works.

The Alfa should come out in 2008 and offer actually much more powerful engines than the Mini. The top engine could have as much as 230hp, while the top diesel will offer 175hp.
Pretty amazing.
And it might even be offered in the US when Alfa comes back.

That would be when Clinton is President again…

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  1. I would like to agree with where you’re coming from about the Mini’s history contributing to its success, but in truth, how many Americans who’ve flocked to buy it knew anything about its history before walking entering the dealership?

  2. im pretty sure alfa has a small car with as much history or close to that of the mini, alfa has been around forever

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