Stillborn Z5

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Remember this old spy shots from a few years ago? (Bottom)

People were wondering what it was. Maybe the next Z3?
It turned out it was supposed to be a model above the Z3 at the time. Probably called the Z5. With a V8 or the 6 from the M3.
Seems like it was canceled at the last minute…

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  1. it looks like the “missing link”evolutionary dead-end between the Z3 and Z4. thank goodness it was cancelled.

  2. That is the Z29, a research car to test new technology, mainly carbon-fiber and aloy composite body to reduce weight.

    It uses the inline6 of the last BMW M3 and due to low weight, delivers better performance than that.

    But it was never meant for production, just a prototype. But according to BMW, many technologies could be found in new models, mainly in the above 6series Z6, due in some years…

    (Information from german “Auto,Motor &Sport” magazine.there was an article in the last issue)

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