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This little car seems to be getting a lot of attention in Europe.
And many US fans would love to see it over here.
The sport model ads a 125hp engine, 17 inch wheels etc….

We used to get the old Swift as the Geo Metro in the US.

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  1. With the cool looking and all wheel drive Grand Vitara
    and new Sx4 on the way, Suzuki should have even a better year when the new Swift comes stateside.
    As far as the new Chevy supplied platform for the XL-7
    (I think that is name) that should give that a half life
    and kill of the Korean supplied cars from GM
    and Suzuki will be the next Mazda!!!

  2. I can honestly say that I would but this over any of its competitors. The Yaris and Fit have nothing on it, and the Mini is too girly and unreliable. If they bring this to NA, it will succeed.

  3. PLEASE bring to the USA. Please Please Please.

    When I was 16 I test drove a brand new Swift GTi. They were selling it for $8000. I was only 16 so no way I could do that, but damn I wish I had! See how much those things go for on eBay today!!

    Please Suzuki Please Please see the wisdom of bringing a small fuel efficient sports car to America right when gas is $3/gallon. You can’t fail!!!

  4. The old Swift GT model was quite the little pocket rocket. With small cars making a big comeback in the US, this is great timing for a car that is probably a lot of fun and practical.

    Keep the choices coming I say.

  5. Absolutely!!! Suzuki would be committing suicide by not bringing this to the US. It’s a smart, fresh design and if they do two different versions: economy and sport they will sell like hotcakes! It would definately be smart for anyone to consider it if they are shopping the Yaris and Fit…

  6. The rear does look kinda similar to the Xa yes click this but vince please dont post a pic of the nissan cube cause he will start crying that they copied the Xb !!! lol

  7. they copied Scion xA? Hmmm, where did Scion(out for what, 3-4 years now?) copy their small car(idea) from? The Swift has been out quite a long time prior to any Scion!
    May be that Scion (a few years ago) had copied Suzuki?

  8. Hey, the Camaro would turn like an Army tank ,in the curves ,that this Swift could carve up(like butter, with a hot knife).
    Camaro is sharp looking, but, ya wanna go on some back roads, where it says “35-25MPH” curves(we have a 3 mile stretch ,with mostly curvey back roads, where small cars rule)this would be the Camaro, unless you like the curb, or ditch, if ya tried to keep up with the small sporty car.
    In a straight line… of coursed, a 300 HP car would win.
    In the situation described by me…. I doubt it(even iuf it had AWD, just due to size and weight differences alone).

  9. I agree, it’d be great here.

    It wouldn’t be a Geo Metro though; Suzuki is no longer partially owned by GM – which was one of the obstacles to this car coming here in the first place, as it would compete with the Daewoos that GM was forcing Suzuki to sell (the Forenza and Verona, possibly the Reno as well).

  10. Wow. Priced appropriately, I expect this would destroy sales for the other econo-hatches were it released in the U.S. Yaris-who? Yaris-poo.

  11. I can’t wait for a real 100% Suzuki line up in the US.
    Without the GM/Daewoo stuff.
    But the new XL7 is actually 100% GM.. Still…

  12. The Suzuki Swift was also sold in the US as (drum roll, please) the Suzuki Swift! As a Metro the engine choices were 3 and 4 cylinder, but I think the proper Swift had the most power.

  13. If anyone is serious about getting this wonderful car in the USA. Suzuki can be written (letter campaign anyone?) at

    American Suzuki Motor Corporation
    Automotive Division
    P.O. Box 1100
    Brea, CA 92822-1100

    I’m writing my letter today!

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