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Seems like this car is pretty popular, at least on this site.
So let’s get to know it a bit better.

It came out in March 2005 and was inspired by a concept presented in 2002.
In Europe at least it comes with a choice of a 1.3 or 1.6 Liter up to 125 hp. (The upcoming Sport model has more) or even a Diesel.
It is slightly shorter than a Toyota Yaris.
It even does pretty well in crash test.

Will we ever get it here???

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  1. I certainly hope they do bring the Swift over!

    Suziki’s sales weren’t impressive, but with the Grand Vitara, they have a great looking compact SUV, looks good inside and out.

    The Verona has the looks inside and out, but unfortunately the engine isn’t up to snuff.

    The new SX4 looks great, though it seems like it may be underpowered with a 2.0l/4AT.

    I’d love to drive a Swift with maybe 140-150 hp!

  2. From my perspective, this looks better than the Fit, is sportier than the Versa, safer than the Aveo, and cooler than the Yaris. What’s not to like?
    *side curtain airbags with side impact airbags
    *in-dash 6-disc CD changer with 7 speakers including subwoofer
    *SMARTkey keyless ignition

    pretty cool…the only one of those competitors listed that has a cooler feature is the Versa which has Bluetooth

  3. This is a first for me to see a lighter color interior
    in a Swift. Just bring this little guy here already!!!!
    PS- I hope good Hp, fuel economy and made in Japan
    are found on our window sticker.

  4. I wonder if it meets US standards for safety. If not, we’ll never see one. If the basic frame has all that’s needed, then a quick redo of the interior to LHS would be relatively easy.

    Suzuki must realize by now that the US market is about to explode for B segement cars. I bet they are either 1) kicking their own asses for not engineering this for the US – or – 2) kicking their own asses trying to redo the interior ASAP and get them over here (while allocating resources to do so. Right now they are full tilt on Swift production and there’s not a lot to spare)

    I want a Swift GTi!!!!

  5. I just read that we wont get it till 2010 and that sux ! too bad the american suzuki dealers voted to not get this in 2005 they f*cked up bigtime !

  6. Vince,

    Please stop torturning us with images of great looking cars that we can’t buy in the US. Dammit, I want that car. It would make an excellent commuter.

    Oh well, back to the pain.

  7. It should scare American auto makers that cars like this are just over the horizon. With the likes of oversized trucks, SUV’s, and gas guzzling cars that are sitting on the dealer lots not selling, the other “world” manufactures are enjoying our situation here at home. bring on the Swift!

  8. Are you sure the release date wasn’t earlier, Vince? We gave one away at work as a prize in March 2005, so I have a feeling it must have been late 2004 that the Swift came out.

  9. Cute car. I like the smooth, clean design of the dashboard, especially around the radio controls. Needs a little work on the climate controls.

  10. I think it is listed in the NHTSA fuel economy guide because it will be sold in Canada for 2007.. other Canadian cars often appear in the US guide (like the Buick Allure version of the LaCrosse). I think it would be a tough sell in the US alongside the bigger Korean-built Reno and Forenza, which will both likely be priced lower. It will be hard enough for dealers to sell the SX4 with so many lower-priced options in the showroom.

  11. I bought one here in Indonesia November last year. 1.5L manual with Grey Exterior. That one was still made in Japan. The Swifts sold here since April 2006 are assembled in Indonesia.

    Love the Megane meets Mini looks.

    Power is a class above its competitors like the non-VTEC Jazz and Yaris hatch. Handling is really sharp, but suspension is supple and compliant with none of the crashy ride as the Jazz. Very peppy and eagerly respond to driver input, a fun car to weave along city traffic. Reminds me of the old Pug 206, but with more power and space.

    My only gripe is interior space, and perhaps weaker resale than its Honda or Toyota counterpart.

    Not sure if it’ll sell well in the states….
    A Hummer H2 likely sells more.

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