Suzuki SX4 price

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And it starts at $14 999 in the US.

That includes all wheel drive and 6 airbags.
You can get an 8 speaker stereo with mp3, iPod integration and more as options..
No word on a sunroof or even a “lighter than black” interior.

At this price it looks like a great deal.

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  1. I do hope in fact they bring over the xeon lights as an option. I really like this car, but as you can tell from Vince’s post there are a lot of mini-ute/suv car types of things heading from Japan(or some local U.S. plant)
    to our shores. So Suzuki needs to keep itself ahead of everyone else.


  2. What is the big deal with Xeon headlights. They really do not do much more good that a standard bulb, even if they are really bright. That is the problem with those bulbs. They practically blind you.

  3. About my other comment, don’t say “but that’s irrelevant”, because it is. They are both being called “new and exiting”.

  4. Thats very agressively priced. What a nice little car. The 4wd will defiently be a big selling point.

  5. Dude the unicycle: If somone needs a vehicle in 1-2 years, then the Loremo becomes irrelevant. if someone is waiting until 2009-2010 for a vehicle, that’s something different altogether.

  6. The interior(minus the red in the seats/back) looks very Scion-tC-ish.
    Someone said the price is a good selling point, but so is the 7/100K warranty.

  7. that loremeo was interesting. How big is it, though? Seems tiny, Miata-like.
    1.609 KM is = to 1 mile, I found out. So, roughly, they are claiming this thing to get roughly 75-85 MPG, 0-60 of 9 seconds(with manual, and they wanna sell em here, they had better have a shiftronic or automatic 6 speed, too).
    Is it 4wd?
    Can you haul as much in it as the SX4?(No).
    Can you haul 4 people in it, liek the SX4(No).
    So, depending on if you can wait 3 years, and if you need to haul 4 people, or 2, and if you feel safe in something even smaller than this car….(thanks to 8 ton SUV’s that still ply our roads)…
    lots of variables there to just say one is more useful than the other.
    Sure, 75MPG will be great, but ya can buy the next gen Prius with 90 MPG for not a while lot more, and ya got 3 years to save up for one(and it will be larger than either loremo or sx4).

  8. Just for the 10:58 poster to know, Loremo will have 2 models, 1 called the LS, which will get 157 mpg (that’s right, almost 3 times as good as the Smart Fortwo) but will take 20 seconds to go from 0-60. The other model, the GT, is pretty much like you commented on, except with a top speed of 137 miles per hour! Oh, and they will both seat 4 people, and have already been proven safe.

    Sorry that this post doesn’t have much to do with the SX4.

  9. That Loremo is just a concept that might never be produced.

    Why compare this to the Suzuki???
    Are you making money from advertising the car here?

  10. No, I just wanted to compare two “new, exiting, and different” cars. Loremo won’t be into advertising for another few years, when it WILL COME OUT. Look at the website on my first comment and see. They seem pretty sure.

    Sorry Vince, I’ll wait until 2008 or so when you find one in camo on the streets (although it’ll still be pretty obvious what it is).

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