Toyota Estima Hybrid

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Similar engine to the Camry Hybrid. So mpg should still be over 30.
I think the US market would eat this up.

Am I wrong?

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  1. If toyota brings this van here, i am sure it’ll intrigue many buyers since it’ll be the ONLY hybrid minivan in the U.S. This van also looks a lot cooler than the Sienna! I love those LED tailights. i’ll buy it if they bring it here. Toyota can just rename it as the “Sienna hybrid” and add it to the current Sienna model line-up.

  2. Vince, it should sell well in the US market.
    My thing with Hybrids is that you must pay about $5K up front compare with non-Hybrids. It will take a long time to get the money back.
    But if you love the Enviroment and care about the planet, go for it.
    Toyota is a great product but, my problem with them is, that they are too expensive, they will charge you extra for everything (curtain air bags) especially for safety.
    I preffer Hondas. Even their cheaper cars like the base Fit comes with curtain air bags.

  3. I sell Toyotas and I think this would sell well. The Sienna does not have a lot of style. But I think the F3R was better looking. People do not like vans, so anything with some pizzaz would be welcome.

  4. Looks like a Mazda5–except, being a hybrid, this one might get decent mileage.

    What’s up with this word verification thing? I have to retype “qogiggity” in addition to my posts…

  5. sadly, i think youre wrong vince. Americans seem to like boring cars, i personally would buy this over the sienna, and i think they should discontinue the sienna, and just use this van internationally.

  6. Alright. First, before I address the Toyota hybrid-van, Hondas are NOT cheaper, in my area(Ohio) by any means, althought they do not mark up prices like Toyota(Toyota Prius in my area go for 2-5K Over MSRP. These are calledDealer Adjustments”. I call it Price Gouging, Robbery,etc..).

    Yes, this thing will sell, but I am not buying one. I am not inot minivans, station wagons, or other “mom” mobiles, no matter what the MPG, lol.

    You want the most for your money(and not mpg-wise) buy a Hyundai/Kia, or maybe a Suzuki.

  7. uh, Legacy GT wagon? Audi A4 2.0T Avant? Magnum SXT?

    95% of the utility, more than what most of these people need a minivan for

    100% better driving dynamics

    15% better mileage

    Equal or lesser price!

  8. I would love to see this van on U.S. roads
    and as G pointed out, lets forget about the Sienna that is made and sold here in favor of the JDM model.

  9. The grille air inlet is way too small for its face ! way outta porportion, and if they do bring this over one day i sure hope they bring a non hybrid version also !

  10. the grille inlet is small because it has a small engine, and doesnt need much air. i think it looks fine. next time, toyota should save on all the development costs of the sienna, and just bring this here, put all the the money saved from the sienna into bringing back the supra (:

  11. the sienna has standard curtain airbags for all three rows since its debut in 2004 model.

    even my cheapest scion xa has curtain airbags as standard.

    honda has never been cheaper in my neck of the wood (dc area). the dealers here always marked up their vehicles and the salesmen always seem to have such an attitude so i went with toyota.

  12. To the comment above this one, Toyotas charge for everything, specially safety. Check out the new RAV4, Matrix,Yaris, etc, on those models, the curtain air bags are not standard. They make you pay almost $700 extra.
    Don’t believe me? built one of those cars that I mentioned or a Tacoma and the curtain air bags are extra.
    The only vehicle in the honda line up in the USA that doesn’t offer curtain air bags is the Element, wich will change on the fall and the bags will be standard.

  13. which is why Honda charges more for their cars, or you can option it with Toyota.

    Fit is like 3k more expensive than Yaris…

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